Transcript - Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Combo Package Volume 1 and 2 (Dream Warfare)

Author: Dr. Alisha Anderson
Title: Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Combo Package Volume 1 and 2 (Dream Warfare)
Plot: Reveals that our dreams have greater significance than we imagine
Notes: What happens at night can affect us during the day

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Hey, welcome back!

Today I will be reviewing, Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Combo Package Volume 1 and 2 (Dream Warfare) by Dr. Alisha Anderson. Now that is a mouthful!

I have been reading many six star books lately and this one is no exception! In fact, I loved it so much I did a primer on it called Facing Your Demons in Night Wars. If you haven't heard that podcast, I would definitely add it to the list. In that one, I go to great lengths to explain why I believe Dr. Anderson is absolutely right about one her most controversial claim: that while we can affect our dreams through our actions in the day, which we all know, it would seem that our actions in our dreams can also affect our days. I didn't see that coming, but after running several weeks of tests, I believe she's absolutely right.

Perhaps you've heard of the witching hour from midnight to 4 AM. This is the period of time when witches chant and do their magic and it would also seem they use this as an opportunity to enter our dreams and curse us and throw us off balance. And of course, by us, I'm referring to anyone who is a Christian working to promote God's kingdom here on earth. It would seem that while Christians often don't know who their enemies are, the devil worshippers do. I came to realize that one fateful halloween, a devil worshipper uttered a curse over me in a foreign language while I was passing out candy at a trunk or treat event held by my old church. At first, I didn't realize what was going on, I thought she was on drugs and wasn't making sense, but a few days later God told me to break the curse in his name and when he made that recommendation he accompanied it with the flashback that after ignoring the candy I was passing out, this girl and her friends did a broad sweeping U-Turn around me and left the event with no candy. I realized that they had waited in a huge line, rejected all the candy being handed out, only to blurt out something that sounded like total jibrish and then leave. And the fact that I made this observation about them at all was itself a miracle since the event was so heavily attended and I recalled the holy spirit drawing my attention to this motley crew. From the moment they entered the line I guessed they were evil and I thought they came to attack the church. It wasn't until days later that I realized they had come for me specifically.

And so I tell you this story to support the claim that Dr. Anderson makes in her book that the witching hour is from midnight to 4:00 AM and that it would  seem the devil's followers are actually obedient enough to know their enemy and curse them.

Now to the matter of Dr. Anderson's book. The content is somewhat repetitious and the composition lacks the sort of meticulous attention to grammar that I normally require from a six star book. However, the content is revelatory. I have never heard nor have I ever considered the possibility that witches could influence our dreams. But this is not something I can allow, and so it must be resisted with utmost determination, because as it turns out. When I learned to gain victory over these attacks, it would seem that God had dreams for me that were so incredible I'm offended that I've spent a lifetime suffering from a combination of nightmares and night terrors. I thought my dreams had improved and it turns out that what really happened was that the devil had managed to migrate my dreams into such a horrible state, that dreams I viewed as regular and good, were actually nightmares and the nightmares were actually night terrors.

However after gaining victory over my dreams, I had a dream so sweet that I woke sobbing because I had never before experienced the love of God in such a real and refreshing way. I woke up the next morning with more energy feeling as if I had hooked myself up to power source that not only recharged my batteries, but it put a spring in my step and filled me with so much love that my day was incredible from the moment my feet hit the floor.

If you have bad dreams, this book is for you. But speaking from experience I can say enthusiastically, that you might not even know you have bad dreams. Some people have forgotten their dreams entirely and that's actually a bad sign. God wants to communicate to us in our dreams and one of the things he wants us to know is how much he loves us. But it would seem that it's not all fun and games, because I woke up a couple nights ago realizing a young man I didn't know was in trouble and I began interceding for him until I felt a sense of peace that my prayers had done their work.

Furthermore, it turns out that me and two of my friends all had a dream with the same tall skinny man in them. And this revealed to me that our dreams were connected and that the sum total of the dreams revealed a spiritual attack that was aimed at all three of us and one of us in particular.

This led me to praying for her until I felt a sense of peace that she would be safe. Therefore, the greatest value of Alisha's book is that it communicates the importance of taking our dreams seriously, writing them down, interpreting them, and praying accordingly. But she also gives some warnings about the meaning behind certain actions in dreams. For example, I've had dreams where people were injecting me with a drug against my will. And that's a sign of a spiritual drug being administered to my harm and something we should pray about in order to break its affect on us.

If you can't remember your dreams, then I recommend that first thing in the morning, you pray to break anything that is ungodly that was done to your harm in the spirit realm.

In my other podcast entitled, Facing Your Demons in Night Wars. I explain a battle I had with the Succubus sex spirit, wherein thanks to Dr. Anderson's book, I discovered I had a spirit marriage I had to annul. Since I explain that there, I won't rehash it here, but the long and short of it is, she had legal rights to me that I had to terminate in order to wrestle control of my dream life away from her. She is a demonic spirit and the more sex you have with her, well, I don't want to say what will happen, because it's creepy, it's scary, but in the end I'm warning you this is not the kind of attack from our enemy that you want to ignore. So check out my other podcast for more information and definitely pickup a copy of Dr. Anderson's book because it would seem the devil attacks our dream life in our youth to prevent us from establishing the kind of relationship with God that can be a real game changer in our Christian walk.

If you know a Christian that believes all of your communication from God comes from the Bible, then you don't know a Christian who knows what they're talking about. I don't care how confident they sound, they lack the kind of experience that will turn the tide of the battle in your favor. If you want to start winning battles, you must plug into your power source which is God, and it makes sense that he would recharge us at night in our sleep, provided we aren't erecting a barrier between us and him like sinning in our dreams. And I can tell you from personal experience now that, when you have the kind of determination it takes to take control of even your night life, your dream life, then that increase in boldness will spill over into your day life. And so it would seem that our decisions during the day find their ways into our dreams and our decisions in our dreams can find their way into our days.

I realize this is the kind of revelation that can rattle you. So pick up her book, and I will leave you with some Scriptures that enable you to wield your sword of the spirit in a useful way. If you go to the Full Transcript for this message you will see these Scriptures along with the reference: 

It is written: The righteous cry and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17).

It is written: the angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear him and delivers them. (Psalm 34:7).

It is written, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19)

It is written: when I lie down I will not be afraid, I will lie down and my sleep will be sweet! (Proverbs 3:24)

As always, thank you for listening! Have a brilliant week! And y'all come back now! Ya hear?

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