Transcript - Facing Your Demons in Night Wars

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Night Wars
Plot: Christians can be engaged in Spiritual Warfare at night
Notes: We must also fight in our dreams!

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Hey, welcome back!

Before we dive in. This is an adult podcast for Christians. I don't use bad language, but I do cover an uncomfortable topic that is not for the faint of heart. And if you're not a Christian, you might not understand what I'm saying at all. Of course others are welcome, but I emphasize that today's podcast is not for everyone. 

Today's message is a primer for an upcoming book review. 

I've already read the book, and it led to such incredible revelations that when I initially began building the podcast, I realized it made sense to explain why I believe what the book teaches is not only real, but crucial. And since I try to avoid bouncing around in my podcasts, I realized I needed two: this one, and the later the actual book review, which will come later.

For the curious, the name of the book I will be reviewing is called Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Volume 1 & 2 by Dr. Alisha Anderson. You may as well order it now, because I will spend the rest of this podcast singing its praises. I will call it a sleeper hit; or a sleeper best seller. And no, I'm not just being cute with my words. I think her book has a big future. I didn't find the book because it was popular, I found it because I needed it. And I was persistent. 

She wrote it in 2014 and it only has 3.5 stars from six reviewers, but it deserves six out of five stars in my opinion. One reader complained the book was too short and another was bothered by the format. While I agree that it is not the finest writing I have ever seen. It is perhaps the most earth shattering content I have ever run across. The book is fantastic by my estimation!

In some cases, my personal experiences were jumping out at me while I read this book. And in others, days went by before I understood. And so with that, I tell you a story:

I grew up with a step-dad who was mentally abusive. Meaning he did everything in his power to torture me. He wanted me to move out of his house and into my dad's house. From his perspective, I was a fly he wanted to swat, but he was of course inhibited by my mother. And so he secretly needled me until I finally snapped and left. But that took five years and by then he had done considerable damage that took an additional five years for me to reverse.

One consequence of that situation was that I hated my step-dad. And I confess: I wanted him dead. I prayed to God that God would strike him down because his constant needling drove me crazy. I didn't see a problem with my prayers at the time, because I didn't try to kill him myself and I felt like he deserved it. And so I wished him dead and I hated him more than everyone I knew. I vowed that one day I would urinate on his grave. But I recanted. 

And so of course this experience  spilled over into my dreams. Hence the connection to the book entitled, Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Volume 1 & 2. However, this was not the reason I bought her book, because I resolved that two decades ago. And so I continue our story:

I met a girl who led me to the Lord back then. She informed me that I would be unable to enter heaven unless I learned to forgive my stepdad the way that God forgave me. That revelation opened my eyes to my own condition. Did God really view me the way I viewed him? In my mind, he was horrible and I was indisputably good. I didn't see the connection, but the more Scripture I read, the more I was convinced that she was right. And I decided that holding onto my hatred for him was less important than getting into heaven. After all, he ruined my life on earth and I wasn't about to let him destroy my life in heaven also. 

That forgiveness process took years though. At first, I viewed the weight of forgiveness as impossible to bear. But after hearing many stories from other Christians about the benefits of forgiveness, I came to understand that forgiveness wasn't my burden, hatred was. And my hatred hurting him, like I wished it would, it was destroying me instead. And so after laying the burden of my hatred down, I realized that what I had been carrying was incredibly heavy. Prior to forgiving him and for a decade after I moved out, I had dreams about him. In all of my dreams we fought and I lost miserably every time without exception. And I remember waking in anger often cursing the fact that even my dreams betrayed me. How could I lose inside of my own head? Certainly, if ever there was a place where man was ordained to win a battle, it was in his own imagination. Wasn't it?

Year after year, holiday after holiday, I would return home to visit my mother and step-dad. And I could read a certain satisfaction from his body language that implied that he believed, that he had beaten me. I received a constant yearly reminder of that fateful night in his basement where I snapped and moved out of his house giving him exactly what he wanted. 

In some respects, I was a worthy opponent, it took him five years to defeat me, but defeat me he did. And every time I saw him and on every holiday he always wore that same smug grin. Until the year that changed everything.

Year after year I ignored his grin and marveled at his hubris. I had moved out of his house years ago, and yet for him, it was his crowning achievement. The one that he loved to relive. 

I of course compared myself to him. By my estimation, I had accomplished more in life. In a few short years my salary was triple his best salary ever, and my job was far more prestigious than his best job. And yet, somehow, he had arrived at the conclusion that he had defeated me! I marveled at this thinking! But  one day I finally forgave him and something happened. 

The next night I had another dream about him. I only remember a small portion of that dream. I remember that he knocked me to the ground and while I was lying there he jumped into the air, and from out of nowhere I produced a sword that he impaled himself on. I woke up smiling and I realized that by forgiving him, I defeated him. And I marveled at that. It was the first time I had ever defeated him in a dream after many battles over a period of many years. But was that just a coincidence? Or a single win? 

A while later I had another dream and in this one, he had changed a little. Instead of running, jumping, and throwing caution to the wind. He feared the sword I could produce as if by magic. And so he tried a sneak attack. Instead of running and jumping, he watched and he maneuvered. And when he believed my guard was down, he attacked, but even in his attack he was cautious and slow. And so I reciprocated. Instead of impaling him on my sword, I threw him a beating with my fists. But it lasted only seconds before he turned tail and ran. 

I never had another dream about my stepdad again. Now if that were the whole story, it would be a good one. But of course there's more:

Perhaps you've read the book entitled Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, which is a biography about a man named Louie Zamperini. And by the way, I hope you didn't see the film because that was horrifying. I have never seen a worse adaption to a book in my life! Do not watch the film! And if you have it, throw it away because it's garbage! But in that book Laura describes a similar dream situation involving an abusive prison guard in war camp. Louie was being tortured by a man in a position of authority that he called the Bird. And like me, he later forgave the man and it altered his dreams radically. He once woke to find himself choking his wife, but after forgiving the Bird, his night terrors had ended.

And like me, the event that occurred in the night affected his day. But I didn't mention that part of my story yet. 

In my situation, the very next time I ran into my step-dad, his smug look was entirely wiped away. And instead of gloating when he saw me, I saw fear in his eyes. And this confused me because I didn't tell him I'd forgiven him. In fact, I never told him I forgave him. But somehow he knew before I even showed up at his house. And when he saw me his body language screamed in terror and that showed up in his eyes.

The change was so noticeable I recall wondering if he had somehow found a way to infiltrate my dreams. And that struck me as impossible, but I marveled at how his behavior in person mirrored his behavior in my dream. I wondered if he, too had experienced that same dream. If we shared it. Particularly the ones where I defeated him.

And a similar phenomenon manifested in the life of Louie Zamperini, who after being released from the prisoner of war camp, after receiving Jesus and forgiving the Bird, he searched the world to find him and forgive him in person. Now that's a story for another review, but like with me, the villain in his story, the man who had haunted him was, no pun intended, that man was suddenly broken.

Until I read Dr. Anderson's book, I wasn't sure that a night victory had the power to cause a day victory. But now I am certain of it because I have had other dreams and I observe an indisputable trend.

But I thought the actions only went one way. I thought whatever I did in the day was reflected in my dreams at night. What had never occurred to me was the idea that what occurs in the night could manifest in the day.

Demons try to infiltrate our dreams, the goal being to take on the appearance of our friends and family, and then manipulate us in the night and use that stage, that TV show, as a precursor to influence our behavior in the day. And that shows up in our energy levels and our attitudes.

I once heard a comedian say, "every morning me and my wife used to play a game that she liked to call: guess what mood I'm in today."

But I let it go until I read this book. 

And so now it's time I tell you why I read it.

I recently did a review on a book called, "Overcoming Spiritual Attack." In that book, the author commented that it's not actually normal to wake up tired. And that caused me wonder. What's he talking about? I always wake up tired? That's normal first thing in the morning. But I started paying attention. I began to realize that I would get tired in the day and battle in my dreams at night. Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat? Have you experienced waking up with clenched fists or a tight jaw or tightness everywhere in your body? How restful could it possibly be to go to sleep and then contract every muscle in your body for eight hours?

I realized that most days I wake up feeling energy levels that are about the same as the day before at best. And sometimes I woke feeling more tired than the day before and concluded this must be a sign of old age. 

And so I wondered, is there a spiritual battle happening at night? And it turns out there is.

If we fail to recognize night time spiritual attacks, they will persist. The devil and his demons train us when we're young to tolerate a constant diet of nightmares. And so now I understand that nearly all of my dreams since my youth were exclusively nightmares, but some were night terrors and this was done to condition me. So that I wouldn't resist the program. Even the dreams I thought were good, the ones I thought came from God, were actually nightmares. To my knowledge I have only had two dreams that have ever come from God and one was a result of reading this book and the other is the result of my firm determination and demand that the devil will not control my dreams. Though he put up a fight, I am winning. And in my dream life I am experiencing more God and less devil.

I made this discovery after reading the book called, Spiritual Warfare During Your Sleep Volume 1 & 2 by Dr. Alisha Anderson, which I will review in my next podcast. 

After putting her advice into practice, I had one full night of sweet dreams that were all so incredibly astonishing, I woke up sobbing. Because after all these years, I finally experienced the love of God in a dream, and it was so incredible, I woke up refreshed in ways I cannot possibly describe. However, if I were to attempt to put it into words, I would say this: if tonight, everyone had a dream like the one I had, then tomorrow soldiers would lay down their weapons and the whole world would hug. And I am not exaggerating or kidding. You cannot experience the sensation of love, that I experienced and wake up desiring to battle your friends and family anymore. Bathing in that kind of love changes you. It makes the new standard that you demand. And if heaven is even a slice of what I experienced in my dream, it is going to be incredible.

If you do not remember your dreams, that does not bode well. God not only wants you to remember your dreams, he wants to communicate with you through them. Dreams are an experience we share with him. And so if you cannot remember your dreams, it implies that our enemy has had success disrupting your communication with God.

I did a podcast called the Bible on Soulmates. In that podcast I explain that when two minds come into agreement, the souls will merge. I also explain that when two people have sex, the minds might come into agreement because of the sex act itself, but one person may create a barrier to another. This generally happens when someone wants to commit adultery. Why do I mention this now?

There are two spirits called Incubus and Succubus and they are aggressive, persistent night time spirit husbands and wives. If you have ever had a wet dream, and I wonder if anyone hasn't, then you had sex with the spirit demon known as Incubus or Succubus. And I know that sounds scary, and I'm sorry, but don't shoot the messenger. Ignorance is not bliss. The path to changing your dream life involves putting an end to sex dreams with Incubus and Succubus, because God describes himself as a jealous God. And believe it or not, a relationship with these spirit wives and spirit husbands can wreck your marriage and as it turns out, also your dreams. 

After reading Dr. Anderson's book I renounced my spirit marriage, which prior to reading her book, I didn't know I even had. And an interesting thing began happening in my dreams. My spirit ex-wife began taking on different appearances; she became girls I recognized and lusted after during the day, and girls I remembered from dreams in my past that I had never seen in real life; and she kept trying to win me back. She is a tricky little devil and at night while I'm sleeping I was easier to fool, but all of that is changing now. And I can see that the demonic nature of my dreams is changing in proportion to my driving this spirit ex-wife away. Meaning the more determined I am to avoid kissing her touching her, or even seeing her. And the more blatantly I reject her in my dreams, the better my dreams are becoming. And this fascinates me because we've all had that relationship with someone during the day that we described as a nightmare. The persistent girl who we disliked and she just wouldn't go away; we might describe a relationship with her as a nightmare. And sometimes people marry their nightmares and so they accept a standard of living that tortures them during the day. Well, it turns out this can also happen in the night. And when you end your relationship with your spirit husband or wife, don't expect to just loose yourself from the covenant and move on with your day. You need to reject this spirit every time it approaches.

In one dream, when I kissed her I sensed her snake like tongue and she reassured me that long ago I had the same objection to her tongue, but that she could change anything about herself to be more appealing to me, and that I would grow to love her tongue more than all others.

Would you rather I allow that to continue? Or wouldn't you prefer to know so you can make different choices? It is not good to have sex in your dreams. Sex dreams don't come from God. And in fact sex night dreams come from sex day dreams. If you are having sex in your dreams this will create a barrier to God, which is why there are demons that encourage this. And it seems like it should be harmless. But as a result of reading Dr. Anderson's book. I did the four things that cause a divorce. And in the night I am experiencing some profoundly fascinating dreams. I often wake up and say the word fascinating, and then grab my computer and begin typing as fast as my fingers will go.

And so on the note, at the end of this podcast I will tell you how to end your spirit marriage to Incubus and Succubus. You will want to write that down so be on the lookout for a paper and pen or remember to visit my website and click on the Full Transcript for this podcast. You want to end your spirit marriage in God's eyes and by the way this is the same process we should be using to end our physical earthly marriages in God's eyes as well. And so be on the lookout for a paper and pen while I continue where I left off:

For the past two weeks, I've been running experiments and I am shocked and amazed at what I have found. This is a change that has an immediate impact. 

Because I write fiction books I have recorded well over five hundred pages of dreams in the past five years. And even though I'm single one, one of the most peculiar things about my dreams is the consistency with which I always had an incredibly gorgeous girlfriend who loved me and made sacrifices to save me from harm. She stood by me through thick and thin, she exhibited a deep love and a strong bond. And I remember commenting to my mom, I was curious why she was always in my dreams. Who was she? And why would a single guy experience this so consistently?

And reviewing them in the context of this revelation is riveting. I'm not yet sure I see the big picture because it seems... It seems so big.

If I want my days to go well, I must become the master of my nights. However, that does not mean I should seek to control my dreams. That's actually not good and that's a whole nother study, but trust me, don't seek to control your dreams. Rather seek to control yourself in the context of your dream. Meaning you must make meaningful changes in your day that will spill over into your night; for example: if you have sexual lustful thoughts about people during the day, then resisting Incubus and Succubus during the night will be harder. If you want to experience God in your dreams, you must first be saved and then you must avoid sinning in your dreams.

In her book, Dr. Anderson explains that when we wake in the morning, we should be reviewing our dreams, asking God for interpretation, and adjusting our prayers and days to meet our needs. Meaning that dreams often have warnings we should act on. And we should be taking our dreams seriously. 

Once upon a time I told my friends, that waking at 4:00 AM to write down my dreams was a burden that was only worth it because I write fiction and that's good inspiration. But now that I've examined my dreams in the context of this revelation. God willing, I will not fail to wake up and write them down and consider them anymore. If I have piqued your interest, and you want more now, then you will be happy to know that I did a podcast called Christmas Special: Sweet Dreams last December and that is a fantastic example of what I mean so I won't rehash that here.

I do want to confront a concern that I have: most of the dream books sold today and particularly the dream interpretations on the Internet are demonic. It should not surprise us that the same devil who would violate our dream world, given the opportunity, might also attempt to give us bad interpretations of those same dreams.

And so I would start by reading Dr. Anderson's book and learning to do dream interpretations yourself. Asking God to supply the interpretations and of course practice makes perfect. I will be looking for other resources that I trust and I'll share them when I find them. And I would add that after running tests and experiments I am beginning to realize that in order to understand the Book of Revelation in the Bible, we must be comfortable and even adept at interpreting our own dreams. When we can do that, the Book of Revelation will take on a whole new meaning.

By the way, I am not giving you a license to write down your dreams and run to a psychic. That is the worst thing you could do! Under no circumstances is it a good idea to consult a psychic for any reason up to and including dream interpretation. And in fact, I would suggest you hesitate to share your dreams with your friends or even utter them out loud until you after you master the art of understanding the messages you're receiving. And afterwards pray in accordance with what you believe God wants you to pray about them.

One of the most valuable things I learned to pray as a result of reading Dr. Anderson's book is the decree that no one who enters my dreams is permitted to alter their appearance. Demons are shapeshifters, and witches and can assume false identities. After I prayed this prayer I noticed some new scary characters in my dreams. And though they didn't look like anything I had seen before, I immediately recognized them and knew their real identities. Giving me the impression that they were familiar to me even though I had never seen them. Because I recognized their personalities and behaviors. And so now whenever I enter my dream world, I approach it like entering the bad part of town. I am careful and cautious, but since I'm also asleep, it becomes important that I change who I am during the day so that my night time presence is at its best.

And I think it goes without saying that my prayer life has benefited from this revelation, because I look at sleep very differently now. Until I clean up my dreams sleep is no longer my safe place.

If I have freaked you out I will leave you with some incredibly useful things you should write down. First up it's time to get a divorce from your spirit husband or spirit wife. And if you were ever married, I suggest you repeat these steps for your ex-husband and ex-wife also. You can say these things with me:

The process for setting yourself free:
  1. I break, break, break the soul tie between me and my spirit husband or spirit wife. I loose myself from it in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. I break, break, break the covenant I entered into with my spirit husband or wife. I loose myself from it in the name of Jesus Christ.
  3. I confess my sins. <Name them>. I listened to the devil, I did what he said. I came into agreement with him and I know that's not good. I'm sorry, God. Please forgive me for all of my sins. I disagree with the devil. I disagree with my spirit husband and spirit wife and I reject them in the name of Jesus Christ.
  4. Let the fire of God burn up any spiritual or physical marriage artifacts including a marriage license, pictures, and gifts exchanged financial or otherwise in the spirit world. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ!
  5. Incubus and Succubus / Spirit husband and spirit wife I command you to shut up and depart from me and never return right now immediately in the name of Jesus Christ!

I know some aspects of those statements might sound unusual, but I observed a noticeable change for the better in my dreams as a result of taking Dr. Anderson's suggestion on faith.

That destroys any legal rights these spirits have. And in your dreams you might notice old lovers attempting to get you back. Whatever you do, reject them, every time. It will be tempting to take her back. I slipped up, I've hugged and kissed, but like in life, each time I have another dream the relationship becomes more distant. I drive her further away. I'm more serious and more on guard and more familiar with her tricks. And my dreams are less dark as a result. The only battling I'm doing is against this spirit.

I'm going to include some prayer suggestions in the Full Transcript for this podcast. That way I can update it and improve it over time. So be sure to check that out, just visit search for the Night Wars and click on the full transcript button.

As always thank you for listening. Have a brilliant week and y'all come back now. Ya here?

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