Transcript - Overcoming Spiritual Attack

Author: Ryan LeStrange
Title: Overcoming Spiritual Attack
Plot: How to overcome the devil and his agents when they attack

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Hey, Welcome back!

Mel Brooks once said, "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die."

I find that funny.

Today I will be reviewing, "Overcoming Spiritual Attack" by Ryan LeStrange

If you're here, odds are good God led you here. Just imagine: out of the billions of options on the Internet for some reason you came here and chose this podcast. And I think that means something. 

If you have ever asked yourself:
  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • How can I make it stop?
  • And can I win? 

If those questions resonate with you, then Ryan's book is for you. Yes, you can my friends! You can not only win, you can plunder your enemy.

Whenever God tells me to read a book it gets my attention. It often means it will come in handy very soon. Sometimes it's even relevant right now. 

I felt prompted to read Ryan's book at 1:00 AM in the night. I posted my podcast called the Miracle in the Scarlet Car. If you haven't heard that one, I suggest you check it out. It's gripping and it relates to this podcast in a very direct and meaningful way. 

At a time when I was already tired, I managed to keep reading until 2:00 AM. And then the next morning I woke fully charged and devoured the rest of the book completely. 

Right out of the gate Ryan had my attention. He wrote:

In Nicaragua they have a saying, "A Devil exposed is a devil defeated."

I love the efficiency of that statement. And it doesn't hurt that it comes from a dark place. I would imagine that they know whereof they speak.

Many Christians view the deliverance ministry with the same embarrassment that Jesus' mother Mary experienced when she tried to pull Jesus away from the synagogue after hearing that he had cast out demons. 

Can you imagine being the first person to do that? The pressure, the humiliation. People would think you're nuts.

The kingdom of God shares something in common with the kingdom of the devil. And that's our view of each other. We view them as crazy and they imply or infer that they view us that way also. Those are my words not his, but I suspect he would agree with my assessment. 

The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light just don't mix. We can't relate to each other to such an extreme that we often exclaim or think, "That's crazy!" Take notice whenever you hear the word. It is a clue to pay careful attention. 

You'll often hear me quote from the books that I've written and haven't published yet. And so it will come as no surprise that I have three spiritual warfare books waiting in the wings and low expectations that Ryan's book would teach me anything. And while it was true that much of what he wrote struck me as confirmation, I still loved his book. I gave it six stars. 

It filled my mind with ideas and delivered explanations that had previously eluded me.

In particular, there was one comment that stood out and really struck me as revelatory. And that was the idea of the spoils of war. After winning a spiritual warfare battle, we really should plunder the enemy. And so far as I know, I have never done that yet. What a novel idea to find in a book!

But let's start from the beginning, shall we?

In the Foreward by Jennifer LeClaire she informs us that Ryan identifies three of the most common types of demonic spiritual attacks:
  1. To discourage our hearts
  2. Weary our souls and
  3. Unleash sickness against our bodies
And she says that he will give us a clear pathway to victory over the demonic forces.

Ryan opens chapter one stating the common misconception among Christians that the devil just doesn't play an active role in our lives. He uses Scripture to back up his view that it is our duty and the function of light to expose the works of darkness. And there he begins teaching Christians to diagnose a spiritual attack by explaining the common symptoms that reveal there is an underlying problem.

Ryan explains that we each have a responsibility in the kingdom of God. And so a spiritual attack comes in order to force us away from our post. The goal being to bind, hinder and confuse. Because as you can imagine, if you don't even know your post in God's kingdom, how effective could you possibly be?

Ryan experienced a breakthrough when a minister prayed over him and released a prophetic word revealing the attack that he was under. Afterwards he wept from deep within and then he was propelled forth into the assignment that God had for him.

And then he began describing a series of situations relating to him that had unfolded in my life, also. Things I suspected were demonic plans and strategies that were executed through friends, acquaintances and even church members and were designed to confuse me and quench my fire. It is downright bamboozling to watch a demonic attack that spearheaded by the members of your church!

And with almost a prophetic acumen the comment that he made after explaining his situation that mirrored mine, was that he felt a strong concern that there was no one could in the world who could relate to him. I said that myself. I went off on a quest hoping to find someone, anyone who had the foggiest clue or the faintest vaguest idea what I was going through. I needed a guide, but became the reluctant trailblazer. And it as at times like this when I wonder why God waited until two years later to present the book that would have quenched my thirst.

Ryan made the comment that, "Too many believers are unable to stand against the attacks of the devil because they do not build up their inner man before he attacks them." And he was exactly right. I remember the day I got up from the mat having taken a pounding from my enemy waking to the recognition that my inner man was weak. I needed serious internal work before I would be in any kind of position to make a meaningful stand of any value. And that's exactly what I did. And afterwards I realized that the Christian emphasis on humility can be executed to such a fault that the discipline gets misused and backfires transforming us into cowards instead of righteous men who are bold as a lion.

Ryan then explained the confrontation in Ziklag, a story I thought I knew all too well, but he revealed and I quote "that Ziklag represents a place of pressure that causes what's on the inside to flow out."

The visual imagery this created for me was the idea of putting a balloon under so much pressure it pops. I ask you: do you have any friends who do this? It is never good to emulate the behavior of the devil. In God's eyes there is no such thing as doing a bad thing for a good reason. And while we know that it was men who attacked David in Ziklag, Ryan makes it clear that God used this physical attack to give us insight into the behavior and operation of the spiritual realm.

And just like with my former church, David experienced a mutinous betrayal from his friends and fellow soldiers after one attack from the enemy and some hard luck. Sadly, I didn't handle the situation, my situation, the way he did his. I had an opportunity to pursue and overtake my enemy and seize the plunder, but instead I separated myself from those who were bringing me harm, viewing their betrayal as a sign they were unworthy of my trust. Instead of leading them to victory I cut off their access to me. I will always wonder if I did the right thing. But I recognize that life is training. And every mistake is an opportunity to do better next time.

Satan knows an effective strategy which is to smite the shepherd and the flock will scatter. To divide and conquer because a house divided against itself cannot stand.

And when it comes to my situation, not only were me and my church in conflict. I also experienced an internal conflict within my own inner man. I needed to resolve that before I would be of any use to anyone at all. The Bible refers to us as a temple, and a temple is akin to a house. And my house was divided against itself and that was a major problem. As my long time listeners know, I wrote a book called the Battle for Your Mind. And so I confess that I am somewhat stunned to admit that it would seem that it's possible to shut down inner conflict making your mind a place of silence — and yet lacking the confidence and certainty in my decisions to make a stand with sufficient boldness to secure victory. Strengthening the inner man requires us to go beyond the confidence into certainty. Those are my words not his, but I believe that that explanation is important.

Over the years I have read many spiritual warfare books. And I began writing my own because I felt that what is available on the market today is inadequate and ineffective. However, I view Ryan's book as the advanced class in Spiritual Warfare. And so it would seem that perhaps God simply led me in a path at a pace I could handle, introducing me to the simpler works in the beginning knowing that to reveal a book on this scale too early would probably have overwhelmed me and sent me running for the hills.

There are 13 chapters in his book and even the table of contents is laid out in an organized and clear manner.

First comes the diagnosis phase, the awareness of a problem based on the conditions that have manifested. These include:
  1. Lack of Spiritual Passion
  2. Extreme Frustration
  3. Confusion About Your Purpose
  4. A Lack of Peace 
  5. Extreme Fatigue
  6. A Strong Urge to Quit
  7. A Desire for the Pig to Return to the Mud
  8. Questioning a Call that was Once Clear and
  9. Inner Conflict

If you are experiencing any of those symptoms then you need Ryan's book because it not only gives you confirmation, but also supplies validation enabling you to forgive yourself for your mistakes and embrace your humanity. And most importantly he tells you how to get victory. 

I've gone ahead and posted the Table of Contents in this Full Transcript for this podcast. If you haven't checked out my full transcripts yet, definitely check 'em out, they have links to everything I'm talking about. It couldn't be more at your finger tips.

As Always, thank you for listening! Have a brilliant week! And y'all come back now, ya here?

Though this wasn't stated in the audio podcast these are the literal chapters in his book:

Forward by Jennifer LeClaire
  1. What is a spiritual attack?
  2. Discerning attack
  3. Tax symptom one lack of spiritual passion
  4. Attack symptoms too Extreme frustration
  5. Attack symptom 3 — confusion about purpose
  6. Attack symptom 4 — lack of peace
  7. Attack symptom 5 — unusually sluggish and tired
  8. Attack symptom 6 — strong urge to quit an assignment
  9. Attack symptom 7 — drawn back toward old bondage
  10. Attack symptom 8 — questioning direction and call that was once clear
  11. The battle of the mind
  12. Three types of common attacks
  13. Freedom from attacks

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