Transcript - Obstacles to Deliverance

Author: Frank Hammond
Title: Obstacles to Deliverance
Plot: For those who have fought back and lost, this study likely explains how and why
Note: this study is not for everyone!

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Hey, welcome back!

Today I will be reviewing Obstacles to Deliverance by Frank Hammond

This is a must read for Christians who want to be able to cast out demons. Because it reveals some of their most confusing tricks.

I give his book five stars for content and simplicity. He didn’t dazzle me with his opening and closing, but he was thorough, clear, concise and crisp.

If you have the luxury, before you attempt to deliver anyone from demons, I would read this short 25 page book because it could be the difference between failure and success. Particularly if you have never done it before. And I would further caution Christians who insist that all the information they need for this is in the Bible. Yes that is true, but I tried delivering someone and I was impeded by the tricks demons pull to prevent or delay it. Demons are tricky little bastards.

Frank’s book is fantastic! It’s thin because he has identified 25 obstacles to deliverance. But it’s comprehensive, because I only know of one scenario that he missed. And he even kind of caught it, it's a gray area:

I once had a demon possessed man come to me for deliverance and I had a difficult time freeing him. The reason is because the man was an obedient servant of the devil. I would cast out his demons and later he would call them back.

But he told me his demons never left and since I couldn’t sense them in the first place or detect their departure or even their presence. I doubted my ability to set people free.

The difference maker here though was I recorded all the sessions on video tape and when I went back and re-watched these things I had some startling revelations.

He even pretended to say the sinner’s prayer and receive Christ, but the Holy Spirit later revealed it was all a lie. The devil attacks deliverance ministries in their infancy hoping to prevent or delay them entirely. Imagine the impact of just one Christian believing they are unable to cast out demons for a lifetime. Aside from all the people they could help, that’s gotta take a toll on your faith!

Getting back to Frank’s book. Since I did a biography of him in the Discerning the Spirits podcast, I won’t repeat that here.

Frank quotes Scripture constantly in all 25 pages of his book. But he combines that Scripture with his experiences that enable you to grasp the concepts that he’s teaching.

I found myself nodding my head throughout the book especially when he quoted Bible believing Christians who it would seem delivered the same message of doubt and fear to him that I’ve heard myself.

What we must be careful to remember is that our bodies are hosts and demons are spirit entities that still suffer from temptation, but can’t act it out. Imagine being invisible and able to enter homes, showers, parties, but unable to act on your impulses. That would be torture to see and wish and want, but not be able to touch, and smell and feel.

Therefore they have three priorities: 
  1. Enter hosts, 
  2. stay for as long as possible, and 
  3. convince the owner to leave.

These are my words not Frank’s.

Frank jumps into the faith requirements at the beginning of the book. Stating that in some cases we are dependent on the faith of the person requesting the exorcism. He quotes Scripture to make his case for that and he comments that our own faith and the faith of bystanders also comes into account from time to time.

If you are attempting an exorcism in the presence of unbelievers, and it’s not working, drive them away! Do whatever it takes to strengthen your own faith and understand that you win some and lose some. Like in my case, sometimes it’s all just a trick designed to destroy our faith. But you must believe you have the power to exercise your authority in Christ.

And then he goes into detail about the types of demons and their various strengths, the Christian propaganda we should ignore. For example some Christians say we should focus on Christ and not glorify the devil. But Frank asks an astute question: how do we glorify the devil when we defeat him? And how do we glorify God when we shrink back from our duty?

You must remember that there are cowards who call themselves Christians, but according to Scripture cowards wander aimlessly in the wilderness and then they die. So when you run into churches who repeat themselves, wander aimlessly, are directionless, they deny the power of God, and long for the rapture, you should avoid them. Because they are destined to wander and never enter the kingdom of God until every last coward passes away.

Remember that the Bible says that some will say Lord, Lord we did this and that in your name and he'll say, "I never knew you, depart from me."

We can know that churches like that are influenced by demons because they contribute to the demonic agenda of enabling demons to remain in host bodies for as long as possible. A true Bible believing church knows that one of the first things Christ did was cast out demons. It was one of his first powers that he said he was giving to believers. He mentioned that it was a sign differentiating false believers from real ones.

Frank ends his book on the statement that when Jesus first cast out a demon the people of the day questioned it. They said what doctrine is this? And sadly, this same behavior continues now!

It was a short book, but worthy of all five stars. I appreciate trailblazers like Frank who believe that the Bible means what it says it means.

If you haven’t heard the Witchcraft rollup or the Discerning of the Spirits podcasts, be sure to check these out. I know there are happier topics to discuss, but when you need these things you need 'em. And in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I am currently 100 pages into William Bradford’s book called Of Plymouth Plantation. And I was a little surprised to discover that the Indians engaged in exactly the kinds of behavior these books that I'm reviewing in these podcasts, describe.

According to the man who was Governor of Massachusetts in the 1600’s. The Indians conducted a national 3 day witchcraft pow wow where they cursed the settlers of the Newfoundland. He constantly referred to the Indians as savages even though the description of the way Plymouth colony treated them was more than fair.

And he even make peace with some and formed a mutually beneficial allegiance. So he was objective. He wasn't like a paranoid Christian Puritan. He actually had allegiances with some of these Indians, but he recognized others as savages. So be on the lookout for that podcast!

That’s all folks!

Have a brilliant week! and y’all come back now, ya hear?

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