Transcript - The Myth of a World without Conspiracy

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: The Myth of a World Without Conspiracy
Plot: A proof that conspiracies are so natural they may occur without conscious intention. So long as conflict exists, there will always be conspiracy. Meaning that the popular link between conspiracy and crazy is illegitimate.

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Hey, welcome back!

I started this channel, the Book Matrix, and gave it this name to imply a fast way of downloading books into your brain. But there is another aspect to that movie that incorporates the concept of a red pill. The red pill is not only symbolic of an eye opening experience, but it is the awareness that we were born into a conspiracy that we were once oblivious to. The unfortunate side-effect is that after taking the red pill there is no going back.

I decided to create this podcast as a primer for the Creature from Jekyl Island. But I’ve wanted to address this topic for some time now because it opens the door to other useful discussions.

I want to address perhaps two of the most abused words in modern times. These two words are often fired like a weapon and used to immediately discredit anyone in their crosshairs without debate. There are scarcely two more effective words when it comes to causing people to shut their eyes and plug their ears than these. But before I tell you what they are, I will point out that by using two other words, I can destroy them completely. First, the two words:

Are you ready?

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist. 

Take your pick. I often hear the question, “how could a conspiracy on that scale possibly exist?” That question is often rhetorical, but I can and will answer it. And that’s when I would use those two other words I told you about. These other two words are equally compelling because they not only disarm the question, they answer it. This second set of words not only supplies proof, but it reveals the solution.

Are you ready?

Ever hear the words “Santa Claus?”

For the most part anyone over twelve-years-old knows that Santa is not real.
And yet parents the world over are engaged in this conspiracy to deceive their kids.

They didn’t join up or sign up. There didn’t swear or sign a contract agreeing to comply.

If you’re a parent. No one had to tell you to do this. There were no Santa Claus classes. No compliance exams, no SATs no audits. You instinctively knew exactly what you were supposed to do. All you did was you remembered what happened to you, and you did it to your kid. You of course asked yourself some important questions: is it better to be honest with my kids? or is better to let my kids enjoy their childhood? and you knew that if you told your child he wasn’t real, your child would tell their friends. Kids talk. And they scarcely could control themselves. And thus they would become guilty of ruining childhood for everyone they know. Transforming your child into a life sucking force. So not wanting to put that kind of pressure on your kids, you did the same thing to them that your parents did to you. That's one example of how a conspiracy works. No police men, no imposing authority figures, just carefully applied and directed peer pressure.

It's self-policing. In fact, conspiracies themselves are peer pressure. Self-policing is the cheapest form of a consipracy. 

Conspiracies work because you’re intelligent. You need not be told what to do, you can figure it out. No verbal communication need be uttered. You can function on winks and nods because you’re brilliant. And it is our intelligence that virtually guarantees billions of conspiracies will happen every day now and in the future.

Every time you’ve typed an e-mail designed to carry one message to the recipient while conveying another to an uninformed audience of onlookers, you created a conspiracy. Sometimes we call them inside jokes.

The American continent itself was born in conspiracy because as you can imagine, there were citizens in this country who were loyal to Brittain. Those citizens became spies and those spies worked against us. And so America responded to their spies with our spies.

If you think about it, a spy organization is a conspiracy. Meaning that the CIA, the NSA and MI6 are all conspiracies who issue checks to their employees.

Conspiracies are not unexpected or unusual, they’re the norm. Are they good? No. But they occur constantly. We can walk into a room, participate in a conversation and make our friend the butt of a joke through a carefully executed series of winks and nods. No playbook, no tests no whispers are necessary. We can execute a conspiracy through body language and facial expressions alone. Conspiracies are so natural and effortless we can create them without our own awareness.

Scarcely ever uttering a word that could ever be used against us later. And that is the whole point. A carefully crafted and well executed conspiracy leaves no evidence behind. And yet all the participants knew exactly what they’re doing. And that: ladies and gentlemen sheilas and blokes is the need that drives conspiracies. The need for secrecy.

Have you ever been attracted to a girl who has a boyfriend? A conspiracy is one organization that was created in order to destroy and replace another organization. And that happens all the time with boyfriends and girlfriends.

So far I’ve given you many examples of conspiracies and many more are coming.

But first a quick story. I once went to visit two of my friends whose primary language is Hindi. I entered the house late one night and needed to crash. When I walked into their guest room they both began arguing in Hindi while the wife gestured to the couch and the blankets and the pillows. And the husband defended himself. From their body language alone I instinctively understood she thought I needed more blankets and he was explaining that he wasn’t an idiot.

In my sleep-deprived state I dispensed with the usual pleasantries and I explained to his wife that I’m warm blooded and my friend had already supplied far more blankets than I could possibly use. In complete disbelief their faces became pale and in unison they both said: “You know Hindi?”

That the was the moment that I realized that it doesn’t matter what language is spoken in my presence. If I relax and listen and watch, I can know what people are saying. Maybe not specifically, but generally. And you can do that, too. But it only works if you relax and ignore the words, and focus on the bodies. If you practice this skill, you can grow it.

Any communication you send designed to convey one message to the recipient and another to all outside observers is the essence of a conspiracy.

If you have ever seen a girl with her boyfriend and worked to separate the two, then you engaged in a conspiracy. The secret meetings, the winks the nods, were all designed to destroy one organization and replace it with another.

Whenever two or more people engage in behavior working like a team to undermine another team or organization, that is a conspiracy. And you know that happens all the time. I ask you: have you ever seen a reality TV show? Conspiracies are the bread and butter that make those shows viable.
And yet we hurl the words conspiracy theorist as if anyone fitting that description is vile and disgusting.

I would go so far as to state that the agenda to disarm the idea of conspiracies is perhaps the worst conspiracy of all time. The government has created a conspiracy to defraud the American people into believing that everyone is basically good. And while that sounds noble and wonderful Thomas Jefferson once commented that there is nothing more destructive to a free society than the belief that everyone is basically good, because that's precisely the view that facilitates tyranies. Hence the checks and balances. Our founding fathers operated on the assumption that everyone is basically bad. And so this modern day slur was designed to alter our thinking at its core. And the motivation in doing so? It's obvious: greed and power.

This propaganda that there is no such thing is a conspiracy is designed to enable conspiracies to operate above scrutiny. And they do this because you can scarcely run a conspiracy while people are watching. But when people are under the impression that only fools believe in those, they ignore the warning signs that would otherwise save us all.

Do you read books? Of course you do! You’re here. And so it should not surprise you that Hitler wrote one called Mein Kampf wherein he explained everything he was going to do before he did it. All you needed to know about and join the conspiracy was to buy his book. And at that point you had a user manual designed to facilitate his agenda. And all you needed to do to participate was consider which way the wind was blowing and pick a side.

There is without a doubt a sizable collection of people that lick their finger and stick it to the wind checking wind velocity and direction before committing. Today they’re democrats and tomorrow they’re republicans because their concern is the outcome that will net them the most friends. They’re weak and cowardly and so they don’t put a stake in the ground and commit to who they are. They’ll be whoever you want them to be. Changing by the day.

Germany was possible because of people like this. The Bible calls them double minded and I call them cowards. Hitler wrote a detailed book that is today called the dictator’s manual. And so when someone asks me how a conspiracy on that scale could possibly exist, I respond: Santa Claus, peer pressure, sin, books, manuals, spy organizations, and cowards just to name a few!

I have in my possession a book called “The Secret Communist Party Manual on Organization.” I don’t have this book because I’m communist, I have it because Sun Tzu told me to know my enemy. And I took that advice seriously. And it turns out they published a manual.

Using books I can craft any kind of organization I want including conspiracies. I can write a user guides, manuals, in depth instructions explaining absolutely everything one needs know who wants to be part of it. And I can be confident you won’t find this book unless you’re looking for it.

This is often done naturally. Whenever you buy a book on fixing America they often outline plans, agendas and behaviors we should be using to fix our country. Technically, that’s a conspiracy. Religions are conspiracies. A conspiracy is any organization of people who are in agreement on method and approach and they are pitted against another organization with the intention of destroying it. Jesus himself said he came to destroy the works of the devil. And the devil was born when he decided to take the worshippers of God for himself. The Bible says the devil is the god of this world. And it was him that conceived and gave birth to the world’s first conspiracy. Being the god of this world of course this would continue. The fall of mankind was the birth of a conspiracy.

I’ll wrap up this discussion with a scientific experiment that was done using monkeys. I mentioned it in one of my books.

Five monkeys were placed in a very large metal cage and a cluster of grapes was lowered into position near the top. The monkeys promptly climbed the walls of the cage in pursuit of their prize. As some drew near, the entire cage was electrified. As you can imagine, they all quickly lost interest in the grapes. Then scientists removed one monkey and replaced him with a new one. The new ambitious young monkey, upon seeing the grapes, made a mad dash for them. But, the older, wiser, monkeys anticipated this behavior and threw him a beating he would not forget. It did not take long before this new monkey complied. This process was repeated until all five of the original monkeys were now gone and were replaced with five new monkeys that had never been shocked. Ironically, the beatings continued. The monkeys continued to police each other in spite of the fact that they had no idea why. This is how you turn a minority into a majority. This is how you create a conspiracy.

Satan led a conspiracy against God. And the Bible describes Satan as the God of this world. Instead of asking how could a conspiracy on this scale possibly exist? We should be asking: how we can we stop them. Conspiracies are the norm. The Bible says, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”
Meaning that if a spiritual evil lurks in the shadows leading men into sin and conflict, that's a conspiracy.

Conspiracies are everywhere and unavoidable. So long as one person can communicate with another in any way, they will always always exist. But we call them political parties, news organizations, corporations, religions, sports teams, and the like. A conspiracy involves two or more people in agreement to promote a cause whether good or bad at the expense of another organization. Destroying that other organization. Suggesting that even competition is a conspiracy, particularly when someone fights dirty.

Stalin once said, he didn’t care about voters. What he cared about was the people who counted and reported the votes. What does that tell you?

The real question is why have we been programmed to think that it’s crazy that conspiracies should exist when they are as common place as jobs?

The question we should be asking is not, “How can a conspiracy on this scale possibly exist?” but rather, “Why have I been told that this is crazy to believe in conspiracies?”

Life is all about asking the right questions. Never let others dictate the questions you ask yourself. You would do well to listen to the questions that you ask yourself and to insist on delivering yourself high quality answers to those questions.

Adults have made the mistake of silencing questions that kids would just blurt out. Get in touch with your inner question asker, and now that you’re an adult make sure you deliver yourself high quality answers. You owe that to yourself!

As I said, this was a primer on the book I'm about to review called the Creature from Jekyll island. I wanted to make sure that it was abundantly clear that there's nothing wrong with entertaining the idea that a conspiracy could exist. What's rong is ignoring what is right in front of you. Never allow yourself to blind and deafen yourself to data simply because it has a label on top of it that says conspiracy theory.

As always: thank you for listening!

Have a brilliant week!

And Y'all come back now! Ya hear?

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