Transcript - Maybe I was wrong about Coronavirus

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Maybe I was wrong about the Coronavirus
Plot: A review of mixed messages from God about whether this is real or not
Notes: God’s riddles reveal his timing. It is time to act when we solve them.

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Hey, welcome back!

So maybe I was wrong about the Coronavirus. I should be specific: I'm sure you could tell from my earlier podcasts, that I wasn't taking it seriously. I did a podcast suggesting that it was about profiteering and in a later podcast, I commented that in India there were only 9 deaths out of 1.4 billion people. Though the number has increased to 53, which is still negligible in a country of that size. Meaning in a country that big, I would guess more people die from tripping and falling in a month than have died from the Coronavirus since it started.

Generally speaking I ignore the news and I do my best to understand the message that God is communicating. I dislike the news because it seems to want to keep me in a state of constant worry in order to get ratings. After divorcing the news my blood pressure dropped from that of an 80 year old man to that of a star teenage athlete. And because God often uses various communication methods with me, he keeps things interesting. I'd rather solve puzzles than lay awake at night. It's more fun and far more rewarding. And in the end it leaves me dazzled by God's cleverness.

Therefore, when I'm looking for inspiration from God, I'm prepared to assemble clues. God isn't always clear or direct when he speaks and we see that clearly depicted in Scripture. When he's asked about it, he comments that he is purposely vague and cryptic because his message is for his people and his people only. Which makes sense, God issued us Spiritual armor because he views our predicament as a war. And in war, direct communications are the easiest to subvert and consequently plunder. How many times in Scripture does Jesus tell a parable and everybody walks away shaking their heads? The answer is every single time! And then afterwards, those who care enough to ask followup questions, are the ones who get the answers.

Therefore, I then view this behavior as a seal that the communication came from God. Because the other awesome thing about unlocking the mystery is that it reveals the timing. The harder the clues the longer it takes to unravel the mystery. And when you finally understand the message, it means it's time to act. And so God has efficiently wrapped a secure communication in a riddle that is designed to reveal his timing. 

Communications from the devil are often clear and direct, because he often wants us to do everything right now. They are fear and panic inducing. He does not whisper, he yells. And so negativity always accompanies communications from him. As does complete transparency. And for us that can be compelling, but it is not good.

Even when God has something negative to say he still makes it into a puzzle and so you're less consumed by the rottenness of the message and more intrigued by the riddle. You see his prophets doing things like laying naked on the left side for 390 days and then rolling over and laying naked on the right  for another 40 days. I don't know about you, but that's my definition of not only cryptic, but curiosity inducing. I would imagine anyone who saw Ezekiel eventually walked up to him and said, "Dude! What are you doing? Are you nuts? Maybe you should get yourself checked?" And you may actually feel that way about my message in today's podcast. 

And so I will walk you through my clues and just understand that at the end of this podcast, I'm not going to give you the exact answer, because apparently it's not the time. But you don't need the rest of my story, because my story factors into your story. After you've heard this message, you can scour the clues from your life, because his message to you will be different than his message to me. Don't worry, we'll get to the stories in a minute. First some background so you can share my context, which you'll need as a variable in the mystery that God puzzled together for me.

My first impression with this situation was that it was just like all the others that preceded it: AIDS, SARS, MERSA and SWINE FLU. And so thanks to all the prior scares, I guessed that this was just another scare in a long list of scares designed to separate consumers from their hard earned dollars. And so I released a series of podcasts that started out skeptical and has been slowly migrating to the possibility that maybe this is in fact the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.

And so here come the stories that God used in my life to guide my thinking in this situation.

It's been a while since I have published a fiction book, and I'll tell you why: I was noticing that I was writing things that would eventually happen. And it spooked me a little. It made me wonder if I was guessing the future or influencing it. Or if what was happening was the fact that I would write something and people are so connected now they would inevitably stumble on a similar story and then run and tell me about it. Was this coincidence? But then it started getting uncomfortably specific. 

I'll share the first thing that got my attention. That was when I was describing a death scene for my book Thunderstruck on an obscure radio channel that was very lightly attended, which is to say the host had between three and five guests on that episode. Making the total number of participants 8 at most: myself, the two hosts and the callers. I shared of variation of this story on the show. And so this is what I told them:

In my book called Thunderstruck, a woman was shot and I struggled with how to write the death scene. I felt like a gunshot would be traumatic and it didn't seem right to say, "Amber was shot and then she died." That just struck me as callous, the woman died and I wanted people to have a sense of anguish for her. I wanted it to be gripping. And I spent days thinking about how I could approach it, I even prayed then turned to my dream book for inspiration. That's the book where I write all my dreams. And I found a great one about an airplane crash in the ocean.

And so when she was shot, I had Amber hallucinate being on airplane where all was well and then it suddenly began diving. And this was useful in paralleling her situation. She was sitting on a chair and so the reader could imagine she might experience severe confusion from the gunshot, a psychotic break, and a falling sensation. I'm told people get cold when they bleed out and so the crash into the ocean would significantly lower body temperature and be consistent with her experience loosing blood. The crash itself would align with her hitting the ground after falling out the chair. And I was proud of myself for this idea. And I was thankful to God because I did pray and the answer did come from a dream and I don't control those. An intelligent reader would see the parallels and how the mind would produce a dream scenario that mirrored her real experience during a psychotic break. I viewed it as rare and unusual. And after describing it. One of the callers said she heard about an airplane crash on the news that mirrored my explanation perfectly. It was a news story from a month or two prior, which was shortly after my book was published. But I thought, well airplanes crash in the ocean. Don't get weird. It doesn't mean I predicted it or wrote something that caused it. And so I went back to writing and chalked the whole experience up to living in a connected world. Airplanes crash, it happens... And so if you've heard my recent podcast where I thank the intercessory prayer warriors, then you know there is a definite trend that would suggest that our dreams are one of the ways God enables us to intercede in prayer for strangers who need miracles. If you have ever wanted to work miracles, then you should learn to pray that God intervenes in the tragedies you see in your dreams. And so if this intrigues you, you might check out my podcast called A Christmas Special: Sweet Dreams. And I'll note  other related dream messages in the Full Transcript for this podcast. 

But then things got uncomfortably specific. And this next story wasn't from a dream it came out of my imagination. First I'll explain why I was thinking about this:

My mom comes from the town of Dividend, Utah which is an old mining community about 2,000 miles away from where I live. The town is entirely gone now and it grieves her that the place she loved so much as a child disappeared. Apart from a few landmarks like two old water towers and some railroad tie structures that were once used to lower precious metals into train cars, and the occasional cement foundation here and there. You would be unlikely to even see it from the road while driving past. But she loved Dividend. And being the mining community it was, it flourished during the early 1900's and war. And it was a big part of the reason people had jobs and food during the depression. Amelia Airhart's plane crash landed near Dividend. A train car full of silver once disappeared from the town without a trace and was never recovered. It had tennis courts and swimming pools, a baseball diamond, a hotel and a grocery convenience store along with a community of homes that dotted the face of the mountain. And so it was actually a rich town. So much so that when the mine was closed all of these homes were loaded on diesel trucks and hauled to various communities in Utah before that was normal. And that just doesn't happen. Which is by the way, what makes Dividend so unique and special and unusual. 

And so I put my mind to a puzzle: how do I tell a story that brings Dividend back to life for my mother? There's nothing there? Why would anyone go there now? And so I borrowed an idea from the Titanic movie. Instead of having an old woman tell a story. I decided to have a teenage girl fall into a mine shaft and hallucinate getting all the details of Dividend correct, ultimately producing a mystery in that after she was saved she ended up meeting a woman in the hospital who was in her 90's and recognized her as her friend. Suggesting that somehow this girl traveled back in time, lived an entire lifetime and then died as the teenager who fell in the well. It was my imagination of what God might do to give a girl an entire lifetime in his grace. And so it was bitter sweet. Bitter because the girl died, but sweet because God found a way to give her an entire lifetime in a few minutes to the benefit of the people of Dividend.

But the opening of the story was weak and so to intensify it, I decided to have her boyfriend push her into the mineshaft after discovering she was pregnant.

Well as you have probably guessed. A short while later my mom called me to tell me that a girl was in fact pushed into a mineshaft in Dividend by her boyfriend or husband and they were prosecuting him for it. But this time it wasn't a dream I had, this was my imagination and my desire to tell a gripping story. And as you know gripping fiction and gripping news requires that horrible things happen.

I became hesitant about writing fiction anymore. If there is any chance that what I write comes to pass, then I fear God might hold me accountable for not writing nice things. I'm not so sure I want to write fiction anymore. 

Now, there's all sorts of stuff I've written that hasn't come to pass, but one could argue that that doesn't mean it still won't. And so that brings me to the reason I told you these stories. Thunderstruck has a story about a contagious virus that is a government hoax designed to force people to take immunizations that kill the elderly. The whole thing is fabricated to panic induce people into lining up for vaccinations that are really weak poisons where only the fittest survive. It was a cover for eliminating the opposition to communism so that people with understanding wouldn't be around to object to flushing freedom down the toilet. Which is usually a precursor to preventing people from worshipping God. It's all designed to force people to worship Satan.

It doesn't matter if you agree with my ideology or not, this was a clue that suggested to me that the Coronavirus is a hoax. I wrote a book five years ago that described this situation to within a decent degree of accuracy. 

That wasn't my only reason for being skeptical of the Coronavirus, the death-rate was extremely low and it didn't justify the rate that the shelves were emptying.

I don't listen to the news. I dislike the news and I feel like it does far more harm than good. For example, worrying about things causes our immunities to diminish. We can worry ourselves sick. And that's not good when there's a virus kicking around. 

So the coverage of this coronavirus situation is freaking people out causing them to worry and lose sleep and thereby impairing their resistance to contagions. It's shutting down businesses, but of course one could argue that if this is real in the sense that more people die than usually do every year from colds and flus, then maybe the precautions that are destroying businesses are in fact saving lives. And so while the news might be right on this occasion, I could site scores of stories where the news did tremendous harm. But that's a podcast for another time.

So up to this point I've erred on the side of giving you more examples than necessary in order to illustrate the art of receiving God's guidance. So far all of the examples are those that implied the Coronavirus isn't real. I have a track-record for writing things that come to pass, I wrote and published a story about this five years ago. And so my default mindset was, "Oh, God told me what would happen and so there's no need to fear."

However, new clues have emerged that would suggest maybe I'm wrong here. Rather than describe all the situations in my life where God blocked from danger, I'll suggest you listen to my podcast called the Miracle in the Scarlet car and rather than belabor this I'll say trust me. I know of at least three situations where I was blocked from mortal danger that describe in the same level of detail as that car ride podcast.

And so the takeaway here is that God blocks me from danger. It's a thing. It happens.  And so that blocking behavior from God is a variable. And I have three cars that all went out of service over the course of the past two weeks and my friend was letting me use her car until it too suddenly developed a problem. And so I observe I've lost mobility recently. There are two other major blocking activities occurring in addition to the recurring thought that what we might be experiencing is the ride of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.

If you've heard my Corona rapture podcast, then you know that there are only one or two things that need to happen before the rapture. One is the ride of the fourth horseman, which I had heard people believed already happened. But if the Coronavirus is all that it's cracked up to be, then this could be the biggest contagion the world has ever seen and would certainly qualify as ride of that fourth horseman. I'll read that to you:

Revelation 6:8

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

So let's consider that: if Coronavirus, which has already put a strain on the food supply, leads to a famine, then the sword might be the next thing on the agenda where the absence of food causes people to steal, kill and destroy each other. The pestilence, which is defined as a fatal epidemic disease, could be the Coronavirus itself. I suppose it's possible that the coronavirus could mutate and affect the animals in such a way that they go nuts and so let me re-read that reference to you now.

Revelation 6:8

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

With regard to the comment that they were given authority over a fourth of the earth. That suggests this pestilence famine could have already happened by now in the past. And yet when I look at the news maps that shows the infected areas, I see concentration in the areas of the United States and Canada, which geographically looks like 1/4th of the Earth. Though it could mean 1/4th population suggesting 1.5 billion out of 7 billion people would die worldwide. 

And perhaps the most ominous indication this might be a real problem is the fact that I just did a series of podcasts on the Eusebius Ecclesiastical history of the church that go into great detail about the judgement famine that affected the Jews 40 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Not to mention that in this podcast, I have made reference to many podcasts where you can get additional information on this topic. You can click on Coronavirus on my website where I've aggregated them together or look at the full transcript for this message where you'll find the titles, links and players for those messages.

The other noteworthy event of late is the 5.7 earthquake in Utah followed by many aftershocks afterwards. It's noteworthy because Utah doesn't usually have earthquakes that big and the only other event Scripture describes before the rapture occurs and maybe happen while it occurs is the earthquake that shakes islands and continents out of their positions causing people to run to caves and beg the rocks to fall on them to save them from the indignation of God.

When I started this podcast I viewed it as inconclusive in the sense that I felt I had equal parts for and against the idea that Coronavirus is real. However, I feel like the end of the podcast compels me to encourage you to stay home and stay safe and remember it is written: this too shall pass.

As always, thank you for listening! Have a brilliant week! Stay safe! And y'all come back now, ya hear?  

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