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Author: Jonas Clark
Title: Jezebel
Plot: The best resource I have ever found for understand the Jezebel and Ahab witchcraft team
Note: this study is not for everyone!

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Welcome back!

Today I will be reviewing a book entitled Jezebel, seducing goddess of war by Jonas Clark.

Since this podcast took off, I decided to update it with a recommendation: Jezebel is a witch and I don't fully understand this yet, but I came to discover that witches try to influence our dreams and that can have massive impact on our lives — if we don't put a stop to it. Perhaps you've heard of the witching hours which are between midnight and 4:00 AM. So find something to write with because at the end of this podcast, I recommend an another one for further study. And it is kind of a big deal. You can also go to the Full Transcripts for this message by visiting my website searching for Jezebel and clicking the Full Transcript Link and you will find the other podcast toward the bottom. And Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bible, I should give you some context. Early on in Jewish history there was an evil king and queen who ruled over Israel. Their names were Jezebel and Ahab.

In the Book of Revelation, God congratulates the church of Thyatira for many things, but he has some concerns about their relationship with Jezebel. I’ll just read it to you:

Revelation 2:19-20 says 

“‘I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance, and that your latter works exceed the first. But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols."

To be clear: we are not to tolerate Jezebel, not even tolerate her. This woman was so bad that God raised up a warrior named Jehu to kill her and everyone connected with her. This included her, her priests, her eunuchs, her servants and her kids. It was a nuclear surgical strike so to speak. In that when Jehu got done, no one and nothing was left. The way that she died was that Jehu called to her Eunuchs and said throw her down! And after they did, they threw her off the balcony and Jehu trampled her to death. And before anyone could even bury this Queen, dogs came and devoured everything except her skull and her hands.

As my regular podcast listeners have probably already guessed: yes, Jezebel was a witch. And this is God’s judgement against witches.

Though God is patient, he is also serious. He warned that witches would be cut off from among their people, and now we know what he means by that.

God hated Jezebel and her husband Ahab. They were Israel’s most wicked royal couple. They were murderous and evil and they were also thieves.

Jezebel is known as the seducing goddess of war. That's why we see so much sex and violence on TV today. The Bible warns that in the last days she will be busy. And so in light of all that was left of her, maybe you’ll do a double-take the next time you see a skull and crossbones. Yes, that is her symbol!

What we view as a sign of toughness, is a reminder that after being eaten by dogs, that was all that was left.

I know, it’s hard to believe that biker gangs and certain former presidents in tough-guy organizations bow down to a female goddess. Somehow that just strikes me as ironic. But apparently that’s what happens when your balls drop off. Just ask Jezebel's Eunuchs.

I gave this book five stars because I gobbled it up. It didn’t feel like reading because it was pure joy. I devoured the book because I loved the it. The love affair was predominately about content. As the Bible says, the truth will set you free. It was written by Jonas Clark and he has a pleasant writing style. It would seem that there have been several important men by that name throughout history. And that being the case, I decided to go with the description that he gave about himself because his was the easiest one to find. Here we go:

Jonas served God for more than two decades as a pastor before being called as an end times apostle. Fortitude and God’s grace have taken him to over 25 countries where he preaches a message of salvation, healing, deliverance and reformation. Jonas is the founder of the Global Cause Network and heads the Spirit of Life Ministries.

Before we jump into the book review. I feel compelled to mention two things: first that the value in reading the Bible is that it describes spirits that are still here. After all, spirits don’t die. Today, there is a Jezebel spirit just as certainly as there is a Delilah spirit and their behavior today is no different than it was thousands of years ago. The Bible tells us how they behave and how they were defeated and we would do well to heed that advice.

The Jezebel spirit is dangerous because she’s selfish, murderous and she and her children are thieves.

In the book of Revelation, God warns he will throw Jezebel onto a sick bed and strike her children dead. Presumably to repay her for her wicked deeds. So in this case he's talking about modern day Jezebels. Whereas the earlier description was for someone who is long since dead. And this is why it's actually important that if your parents are a Jezebel. You reject them. You have to disown your parents, otherwise when they get judged, they might take you with them. It's important to break your soul ties to Jezebels. There is just no easy way to say that.

Furthermore God says, anyone who commits adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation unless they repent

Now I’ve done several podcasts talking about witches, and so I felt like it was important I did one that prophesies to their future. If you are considering witchcraft, this will be your end.

Just in case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, the message is that it’s not okay to become or stay, a witch.

If you are currently a witch, don’t stay one. Don’t make the mistake Jezebel made. Instead repent, meaning change your direction, stop using witchcraft: don’t lie, don’t put people under your spell, don’t peer pressure them, control, gossip and manipulate them. And don’t encourage rebellion or stir the pot. Remember, the Bible warns that rebellion is as witchcraft.

All of this requires self control. And if you refuse to exercise that, God will intervene.

If you have done these things, ask God to forgive you so that you aren’t forced to watch your kids die right before you are eaten by dogs. That might sound dramatic, but that is what happened.

I just did a review of Of Plymouth Plantation and I can see that America suffered from a spirit of witchcraft long before the pioneers got here. That was the Indian way. Indians speak to the dead, consult the spirits, and according to William Bradford, they had a three day national pow wow where they cursed the settlers of the Newfoundland. All of this including today’s podcast will shed a new and unusual light on the founding of our country as you will see during my next review on the book called the Light and the Glory.

And so I think it's worth noting that the spirit that was here when the Indians were here, was never put down. So while the Indians were conquered by the settlers that came from various parts of the world, while they were conquered, that spirit remained in control apparently. And it would seem that subtly and over much time that same spirit is manifesting itself in our country today. And that makes me wonder if that's how the Indians became the way that they were; running around naked wearing loin cloths living in teepees does seem like a judgement event when it comes to using witchcraft. And so it wouldn't surprise me if history doesn't repeat itself because history often does repeat itself.

In the Jezebel book Jonas opens with who she is and what she wants.
Technically the Jezebel spirit is sexless and works through either men or women.

She targets hurt birds, and the weak, the wounded and rebellious. She will do your dirty work in exchange for your authority, but if you accept this arrangement, she will eventually add you to her collection of eunuchs. And ultimately you will be doing her bidding. So be careful!

She has a network of spies she uses as a crystal ball from which she plans, plots and schemes to achieve her own selfish ends. And most often she’s religious as hell because she loves power structures. She gloms onto anyone with authority and power of any kind.

Jezebel cannot control someone who hasn’t first been seduced. So she uses flattery and tears to get sex. She creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. She’s power hungry and she loves control. And so if you give in to her, she will control what songs you sing, how loud you sing, what you preach and who your friends are. Because as I said, Jezebel is a religious spirit.

Jezebel is a warring spirit and so she doesn’t respond to the word no very well. If you say no to her she rages and it becomes a challenge to get her way.
In his book Jonas often presents a series of questions to help reveal the Jezebels in your life.

Questions like:
  • Does anyone threaten your reputation to get their way?
  • Does anyone give you insincere compliments that you don’t deserve?
And as you read these questions you will find yourself writing names in the margins. And certain names keep coming up.

By now it must be obvious that I’m an avid reader. I haven’t yet scratched the surface of what I know about witchcraft and I am telling you this book is the single best resource I’ve ever run across about Jezebels. In particular, I love the stories he uses in light of certain Scriptures to convince us that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s lived through some vicious attacks and by reading his book you see how subtle these principalities and powers are. I also loved his problem solving skills.

For example, God warns us in the Bible that people become like their gods. And so Jonas was able to extrapolate Jezebel’s nature by examining hers. This enabled him to give a very clear description of behaviors that most of all of us are all too familiar with. Remember that in the last days Jezebels will abound according to the Bible.

This book is not for bobbleheads because you will find yourself nodding so furiously you’ll give yourself whiplash if you're not careful.

In particular, I love the insight he gave into Ahab! When I read his chapter on Ahab everything came together! Jezebel is not a lone isolated spirit. She works with a team. She’s like a five man special forces unit assaulting a house. It is a coordinated attack that involves Ahabs, authority, messengers, servants, eunuchs and her kids.

By the time you suspect you have a Jezebel in your life, you can be sure that she’s already laid her plans and plotted her attack. She works in the background rarely confronting her mark unless her servants just aren’t getting it done. She is an opportunist. She will seize victories that fall into her lap, but she knows that the greatest power and rewards are often hard to get. So she will work for it.

I used to think Ahab’s were weak men, but it turns out I was wrong. Ahab’s are provokers. And they use Jezebels for their dirty work. They will lend her their authority and power because they know that she lacks boundaries. Ironically Jezebel is a spirit that loves working in the background, but Ahab hides behind her. If he wants something done, he’ll make sure she knows and he'll leave the dirty work to her to do. He’s not weak, he’s smart. And according to the Bible, he is a provoker. So he actually creates conflict, and starts fights.

In his book Jonas refers to Ahab as the storm carrier. And he asks diagnostic questions like:
  • Do you know anyone who bursts into a room in a whirlwind with a spirit of strife?
  • Do you know anyone who finds fault in something and can’t resist pointing it out?
  • Someone who loves to debate. He majors on the minors and minors on the majors?…
  • Someone who is aggravating, irritating or provocative?

If you know someone who meets these descriptions, and especially if he’s married to a Jezebel, you can bet they are a witchcraft team.

What I find most compelling about the work Jonas did on his book is a combination of the fact that he’s clearly experienced in dealing with these teams of people, but also that he uses Scripture to give us insight into the hidden qualities. The secrets that they keep from everyone. For example:

Ahab worshipped Baal. And the characteristics of Baal are that of sex and war. So an Ahab will struggle with pornography, sexual sins and jealousy. He is a coveter and I loved the example that Jonas used to prove it. When Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard he cried and despaired and went into deep depression. And Jezebel seeing that behavior, using it as an opportunity to obligate him to her, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

He told her that Naboth refused to sell his vineyard and so Jezebel had him falsely accused by men who lied about him. And the penalty was death by stoning and so Naboth was killed. And after Jezebel reported this to Ahab he was no longer sad. He became joyful. Now can you imagine that? This guy was so cold that he didn’t lose a moments sleep over a death that he indirectly caused. Instead, he rejoiced that he got the vineyard. That is wicked!

I have not yet scratched the surface of what Jonas’ book talks about.
Find the book, buy the book and read the book!

Because Jonas tells you how to defeat these evil spirits by doing what Jehu did.
In the meantime, if you have a Jezebel in your life you must cut her off. And that means you cut off Ahab, her messengers, her servants, her eunuchs and her kids. Because all of those people are tools in her tool-belt. If you maintain a relationship with any of them, they will probe you for information that they will deliver to her.

And can I tell you something? I have been watched before. And I have found that no one has ever watched me because they wanted to bless me. Those who watch us mean us harm!

Okay, and as promised I told you that I would tell you about another podcast that you simply must listen to; especially if you're fighting and warring against a Jezebel spirit. Are you ready? It's called, "Night Wars, facing your Demons in Night Wars."

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Night Wars
Plot: Christians can be engaged in Spiritual Warfare at night
Notes: We must also take control of our dreams!

Listen to "Night Wars [30 Mins]" on Spreaker.

If you are battling a Jezebel, you may have noticed that your nights just aren't going so well. There might be a reason behind that that you need to check into. 

All right be on the lookout for my next podcast on a book titled the Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. That’s not to be confused with the Mormon series of a similar name. This one is by Christian authors who researched the stories on the founding of our country and put God back into history. There are some incredible stories on providence in America that you just won’t want to miss. It’s a fantastic book! And it will bring all these podcasts on witchcraft, demons and the founding of our country together in a new and unusual way!

Author: Peter Marshall and David Manuel
Title: The Light and the Glory
Plot: A book that puts God back into the history of America, by revealing the miracles that led to independence

Listen to "The Light and the Glory - Part 1 [16 Mins]" on Spreaker.
Listen to "The Light and the Glory - Part 2 [27 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Happy Thanksgiving have a brilliant holiday. And y’all come back now, ya hear?

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