Transcript - Will I die from the Coronavirus?

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Will I Die from the Coronavirus?
Plot: A view of coronavirus from another perspecitve

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This podcast is for you if: 
  1. you want to know if the Coronavirus is deadly, and 
  2. especially if you want to know if it you will get it and die
That's really what this is all about? Isn't it? Isn't that why you're really here? Do you really want to hear me talk about microbes and germs and products you can by from me including potions and new ways to clean your house? 

Or do you have simpler questions, like: Hey, is this deadly? And will I get it?

I'm going to approach this from a completely different angle than anything you have ever experienced. I have learned something, that I've been testing, and I have found that it works.

If you are listening to this podcast, then what that means is that God led you here. If he led you here, it's to receive the message I have for you. And so the first message is, peace be still!

As the Bible says, Who by worrying has added one inch to their height or one day to their life? And I would add to that comment as the message God has for you personally, which is you will not get the Coronavirus and die.

But that creates a new question, doesn't it?

"How can he say that? And how can I be sure he's right?"

And you are wise to ask that question. That question mirrors, by the way, an ancient expression. One you might know as, "But God, what will be the sign that I may know that this prophecy will come true?"

The first sign is that you found this podcast. Out of billions of podcasts on the Internet God led you here. The odds of that are ridiculous! After all, I'm the Book Matrix, not the CDC or Dr. Freedom. It's unusual and even unlikely that you found this podcast. And so I would argue that God led you here because you are one of the people who won't get sick and die from it. That was your first sign. The second sign was that I answered your real question. Instead of pounding you with facts and figures, and extorting you for money and playing on your fears, I went to the heart of the matter. You had a question and I answered it. And it wasn't just any question. It was your real question. The only one that really mattered. And that's kind of a big deal. But I would argue that your sign might still be coming. Speaking from experience, I submit to you that I am about to say things that I feel prompted by God to say. Since there are so many people listening, your sign might come toward the beginning or maybe toward the end. And there might be more than one sign for those skeptics who are harder to convince. You know who you are. 

My statements will continue to speak directly to your heart, but you will also be struck by coincidences. And that's what you're looking for! The more the better. Because God orchestrated them to be your sign. Meaning that before you called he answered. And the answer to your right now question, is one he gave you in your past because you couldn't afford to wait. And it will intersect with a comment I'm going to make in your future, provided you keep listening. And since I have three other podcasts that relate to this Coronavirus message, I suspect that God worked in my past also. Because he likes to show off like that. He saw this coming and he put words in my mouth before I had any idea how he planned to use them. And those words will intersect with you, creating  coincidences that will provide the sign that you will not get the Coronavirus and die.

Therefore, I expect that your coincidences will be found in one of these podcasts I'm about to mention.

So you might want to grab something to write on, because in a minute I'm gonna tell you their names. But if you should happen to forget these titles or lose the paper, than you can find them in the Full Transcripts of my website connected to this podcast. Just visit the Search for this title, and then click on the full transcript button and you will see, are you ready. You will see: 
  1. The Cure for Depression 
  2. The Miracle in the Scarlet Car and
  3. The Myth of a World Without Conspiracy.
Even if your friend suggested this podcast to you, it's because God wanted you to find it. And he used your friend to present it to you. After all he gave me the wisdom to make that statement (and this podcast). If he wanted you to find it, it's to receive the message that you won't die from the Coronavirus. 

And so in an effort to tee up your coincidence moment, I'm going to say what I feel led by God to tell you. Since Jesus spoke in parables, I will too. I'm gonna tell you a story. And this one, as it turns out, happened:

I know a woman who works from home. If you've ever seen the movie called ET by Steven Spielberg, then you may recall the scene where a giant bubble was erected over the house because of the danger of the contaminated alien. 

While my friend described her efforts to protect herself I was reminded of that movie and I suggested that she erect such a bubble if for no other reason that when her kids return from school it would give her proper excuse to hose 'em down whether they like it or not. And how can one resist such a great opportunity for such well deserved payback?

She laughed, but realized that I wasn't taking this seriously enough and so she regaled with my stories of empty shelves at the grocery store where she went to buy rubbing alcohol. She was troubled by all the hoarders who only needed a bottle or two, but left with entire cases. And when she described her house cleaning efforts, she left me stunned and amazed. And after all of that prevention work, I noticed her voice was cracking and she sounded sick. When I suggested she be careful lest she worry herself sick, she snapped back implying that if she was sick, the reason was because people don't practice proper hygiene. They don't wash their hands enough or even if they do, they don't use proper cleaning agents.

The best thing about having a podcast channel is the things having one teaches me. The first lesson is about fishing:

One way to catch fish is to dangle bait and wait patiently, earning your prizes the slow way, but and another is to throw a stick of dynamite in the water and shovel up the fish that float to the top.

I have lived through AIDS and Y2k, SARS, MERSA, and I intend to live through the Coronavirus also. But I observe a trend: Like with cash for clunkers and the ozone depletion scare the one that sent everyone out buying new air conditioners and fridges. I suspect the Coronavirus is just the most recent way to stimulate the economy. And I think subconsciously we all know that because even the lowliest most humble person sees the financial opportunity abounding by these scares. 

My friend who lamented the empty shelves depriving her of her rubbing alcohol complained about the hoarders who she imagined left with full shopping carts and cases of the stuff. And I expect that she imagined them selling it for five or six times what they paid. Because instinctively we recognize this for the financial windfall opportunity that it is. And everyone at every level wants to benefit from it.

And in the same way that I made a podcast on the Coronavirus knowing people would flock to it. And that it would immediately rocket to the top as my most popular one, because fear compels people to take action; and there is nothing that compels us to dispatch our money quite so promptly or effectively.

While one person may accuse me of doing harm by lulling people to a sleep. I would argue that more deaths are caused by fear and worry each year, than incompetence. I submit to you that you stand a better chance of worrying yourself to death, than dying from the flu.

So call me incompetent if you like, but there is one thing I know for sure: I will be doing podcasts tomorrow as surely as I did one today.

And that's all folks. Y'all come back now, ya here?

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