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Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Proof the Coronavirus is Profiteering
Plot: A view of coronavirus from another perspecitve

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I had a conversation with another coworker about Coronavirus today. It would seem there is no end to the way a person can profit from this epidemic. For example:

I'm using the name to lure you into my podcasts. A germaphobe coworker friend is using it as an opportunity to suggest that she give us yet another presentation on the importance of better hygiene. And she lamented that she didn't stock up on alcohol to resell at four or five times the normal price like everyone else was. The latest profiteering tactic I witnessed today was the political firecracker in our group using it as an opportunity to talk about Donald Trump. At first the conversation began from the premise that he caused the Coronavirus and when I innocently asked her to explain herself she retreated to the position that he was handling the situation all wrong, which is a statement she could say about anyone since it's just her opinion.

I'm not defending Donald Trump because I'm a political atheist. I'm just making an observation.

And so my message here is that as with all fabricated lies, the profiteers are lining up considering the ways they can use the Coronavirus to its greatest effect. Children don't want to go to school; employees want time off / or work from home assignments; Media outlets are talking about it non-stop because it increases their ratings and contributes to their bottom line through ad sales. The sales people in my company who travel constantly, don't want to travel so much anymore. And I'm using the Coronavirus to increase the number of downloads and attract new listeners.

And so when you saw the title that this podcast is proof that the Coronavirus is about Profiteering you probably guessed I would tell you I examined it under a microscope, or conducted a survey or visited hospitals. But instead I decided to focus on the fact, that everyone is milking this scam for all its worth. If it really induced the kind of fear it pretended to, people wouldn't be using it as a way to promote what they've thought all along. They'd be too freaked out to have that kind of presence of mind. And so because we've found a way to benefit from it personally, we've apparently accepted the idea that testing for this lie costs $1,000 per person, the pharmaceutical companies haven't decided how much medicating this lie will cost yet because they're still assessing the level of panic they've caused. And of course Americans are fine with it so long as the government or insurance companies absorb the cost and everyone can use it as a soapbox to proclaim the message they would proclaim anyway, but to a larger group of more enthusiastic listeners.

But make no mistake about it. This is an exchange. If we proclaim the lie that upsets God, and since government gets the money to give us free things from us. This lie will go on our income tax credit cards and we'll be paying for this for many years to come. All so we can repeat the same things we would say anyway for free. But while deluding ourselves that people care more and flock to us in greater numbers because of the perceived threat we're perpetuating by not confronting the lie.

There was once actually an astute and wise comment made in a Steven Seagul movie (of all places). In Under Siege the villain commented:

"[The fertilizer plant] is actually a secret chemical weapons testing facility. We know this. The Chinese know that we know. However, we pretend we don't know, and they pretend they don't know that we know that they know we know. But know that we know. In the end, everyone knows."

And so the question running through my mind is does anyone actually believe this is real or is everyone perpetuating this lie because of the way it benefits them personally?

And so if we're honest with ourselves I think everyone knows this whole thing is a lie. You know it's a lie and I know it's a lie. But we're all contributing to it because of how it benefits us personally while failing to consider that this will cost us more than it's worth, it will deliver less than it advertises, and we're willingly engaging in a conspiracy that has the capacity to worry some people to death. There are some people in such a fragile state of health that a true belief in this fear will kill them. And when a lie of this nature persists, God allows people to literally come to believe in the lie. Because they start asking a question we've all heard before: "How can a lie on this scale possibly exist?"

Even if all of this is happening on a subconscious level that doesn't make it okay. And that's why if you haven't heard my podcast called the Myth of a World Without Conspiracy, you should check it out. You like how I did that? I'm even using this exposure podcast as an opportunity for self promotion. Revealing that even while saddled on my high horse I'm not beneath being dirty and cheap.

Do you know what the Bible says about the proper time to worry? The Bible says when people are proclaiming peace and safety, that's when you should worry.

I'll read that to you:

1 Thessalonians 5:3 says

While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

I remember articles that came out right before the slow motion stock market crash of 2000. Articles that declared now was the best time to have your money in the market because the stock market had never been healthier or stronger. They warned that you would pay dearly for missing out being cast as poor compared to your wealthier smarter better looking neighbor who is building additions on to his house making yours look like a cottage. The man who went all-in while you acted conservatively in the face of Y2k. Suggesting we didn't want to miss out on the incredible gains exploding through this new unprecedented and gravity defying economy. We had entered a new era where the stock market went up and up and up and never came down. Until it did. And then it came crashing down wiping some people out completely. Just ask the former stockholders of AOL and Enron.

Being the historian that I am I can tell you that contributing to lies like this never ends well. God hates lies, and whether we tacitly decide not to object or perpetuate them so that we can get free vacation days from our employers, the price of selling out our integrity is just too high. The Bible warns that the tongue has the power of life and death in it, and anyone in a fragile state of health who comes to believe in this scandal might literally succumb to the pressure.

I randomly found an article on the conditions prior to the 1929 stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression. It was posted by ER Services, a site I know virtually nothing about, but who appears to specialize in articles on History, I'll quote them now:

In the decade before the Great Depression, the optimism of the American public was seemingly boundless. Advertisements from that era show large new cars, timesaving labor devices, and, of course, land. The advertisement [pictured below] for California real estate illustrates how realtors in the West, much like the ongoing Florida land boom, used a combination of the hard sell and easy credit. “Buy now!!” the ad shouts. “You are sure to make money on these.” In great numbers, people did. With easy access to credit and hard-pushing advertisements like this one, many felt that they could not afford to miss out on such an opportunity. 

The link to that article is posted on my website under Full Transcripts for this podcast

A nurse friend of mine told me they milked MERSA aggressively for the first year and then less aggressively for the second year.

So if you're wondering how long this will last look to the past. Do you really want to endure this state of being for the next year? Do you want to pay this price just so you can talk about everything you would have said anyway and believing in the false sense that people care more?

Ladies and gentlemen if you had a house on stilts and that house was collapsing under the weight of all the people attending your party, would you yell, "Everyone, get out of the house because we're all going to die?" or would you calmly say, "There is pizza and beer on the beach, but there might not be enough for everyone."

And that's all folks!

Have a brilliant week and Y'all come back now, ya here?

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