Transcript chapter 1 - Simply Irresistible - Getting You Off to a Good Start

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Simply Irresisitible
Plot: A self improvement book designed to transform men — inevitably producing an object of desire.

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Hey, Welcome back!

Today I decided to do something new and different.

I have an opportunity to reward you, my followers, who get notified of my latest podcasts, with an audio pre-release of my books. 

While I love audio books, the one thing I dislike about them, is that I feel like someone is reading to me. Because I find that boring. But, don't worry, I won't be boring.

Today we'll cover chapter two from my book entitled Simply Irresistible. It's not a dating book perse, it's a transformation book. When you become irresistible you will not only attract everyone, you will even like yourself. The goal being to alter you at your core so that you can feel comfortable letting what's on the inside come out. And for that to be a good thing in every setting. And I even want to take that to the next level: Where allowing your inside to come out will actually magnetize people, drawing them in. They'll feel pulled by you; they'll sense your pull and your power. The more time they spend with you, the more time they'll want to spend with you. Just like with an actual magnet, there will come a point where you rub off on them. And they'll become better people just by being around you. You will become irresistible to them. You can release so much magnetic power, that the objects you touch will be transformed by you. They'll be magnetized. 

Now there is a downside to magnets and that's that they attract everyone in their vicinity. So you'll also need to remember that magnets have two sides: one attracts and the other one repels. The mistake that people make is that they tend to get stuck either attracting or repelling others exclusively. And I want you to learn to be deliberate about reversing your polarity. This book is not about teaching you the art of manipulation. It's about altering you at your core so that when you're work is done, you can just be yourself and that will be a good thing. 

But let's dive in.

This comes from my book entitled Simply Irresistible.

And Chapter One of that book is called

Getting You Off to A Good Start

Here we go:

To be clear this book isn’t about me, it’s about you, but it makes sense to spend three pages getting acquainted. And so you should know I believe that we all start out irresistible and it goes downhill after that. For example, here is a story from my youth:


I met my best friend Mike when I was Captain of the Starship Enterprise. We were engaged in battle against the Klingons. The ship had a science officer, a navigator, a weapons specialist and an engineer, but we were losing. The crew desperately needed a first officer!

Mike was watching from the surface as our ship was being torn apart. There was so much smoke you couldn’t see fire. And our shields were down to fifteen percent. So I called out, “Hey kid, what’s your name?” 

“Mike,” he said.

“Mike, I need a first officer! The ship is in trouble! I need to lead an away mission! I need you to be acting captain! Prepare to beam up!”

Mike straightened up in place as I made a noise that sounded like a wounded duck, then I gestured. 

Like a pro, he instinctively climbed up four sets of tires (each row increasing in 
size), and he jumped onto the platform of Park Elementary School’s only open deck Starship. It was disguised as a playground, but we knew better.

After I swore Mike in as first officer, we activated the self destruct sequence (in case the Klingons boarded while I was away). I had sixty-seconds to beam over to the enemy ship with the away team, kill them all, and then beam back and abort our self destruct. An ambitious plan to be sure, but Mike’s catlike reflexes and good instincts filled us with confidence; and so I believed that at most we would only lose the one or two token soldiers who die in every episode. And yes, one man died saving me! It still brings a tear to my eye.

Captain’s log star-date 1981: The mission was a success! We captured a Klingon vessel with a cloaking device! Starfleet promoted me to admiral at age eight, and Mike received the full rank of Captain. 

From that day forward, Mike flew the Klingon bird. 

Nothing bonds two guys together like a good battle!


As kids, we can get away with anything and be irresistible; except to our siblings, they hate us no matter what we do. 

I recently told my sister a story she didn’t like much. The conversation went like this:

“When Ryan and I were kids, he used to like to get into trouble. One day he said, ‘Hey! Do you wanna find a cat and shove a firecracker up its ass?’…

To which I produced a look of deep concentration and then said, “Yeah...” 

My sister couldn’t contain herself and so she interjected, “Why are boys like that? That is so cruel! So, what? So you shoved a firecracker up a cat’s ass and lit it?”

To which I responded, “No… Yes… Not exactly… Whatever trust you have established before you shove a firecracker up a cat’s ass is entirely gone by the time you get it in there. That cat tore us both up and took off running.” 

“But we got our firecracker back.”


As kids, we start out singing at the top of our lungs, lighting farts, xeroxing our butts, jumping off couches onto pillows and drawing pictures of everything we see. And after that we get weird. We stop singing, stop drawing, and we stop shoving firecrackers up cat’s assess. We compete, we worry, and we become serious and boring. 

Sadly becoming Simply Irresistible is slightly more complex than unleashing your inner child… But it is a good start!

Okay ladies and gentleman

that was chapter one from my draft book called Simply Irresistible and for being a fan, you got to hear it before the book was published.

Copyright Feb 25, 2020

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