Transcript - The Bible on Soulmates

Author: Moses
Title: Genesis 1-3
Plot: The history of Adam and Eve and its implications on the nature of husband and wife relations particularly as soulmates
Note: I guarantee you've never heard it explained like this!

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Hey Welcome Back!

In my Valentines Day kickoff event, I would imagine I at least started with a few skeptics who weren’t sure the Bible had anything to teach us about love. And by the end, of that podcast I changed minds. I imagine I created curiosity and if there is any chance I might be right, you recognize this Valentines series of podcasts has a strong likelihood of forever healing your understanding of the nature of the sexes. But before we go there, allow me to give you an illustration:

When you take a wet finger and rub it around the rim of a crystal wine glass, it always resonates. Because that’s the way the glass was designed. The glass doesn’t get to decide to resonate, and the only thing the glass can do to avoid resonating is to avoid the wet finger.

Whenever someone tells you what the Bible says, provided you listen, the message always resonates because God indicated that his word does not return void. You were designed so that his word will have impact you. And by the end of this podcast that will be clear.

You were designed to receive God’s word. The more you experience it, the more it resonates. At first you might find that uncomfortable because it might seem like a misuse of your design, but when you suddenly discover that you’re doing something you’ve never done before, you become intrigued. Making you wonder what else don’t you know about your design.

But something fascinating happens when you run into a master. Someone who can take these crystal wine glasses fill them with different amounts of water and who can actually bring them together in concert to play music.

When you start with one glass, and instead of using it for its common purpose  and instead use it to make a sound, it’s just a noise. And the glass likely wonders what you’re doing with it. It doesn’t know it was designed for this.

When you combine it with other glasses and begin to play music, suddenly the glass realizes it can be part of something big. Instead of making an uncomfortable noise, suddenly it’s making a beautiful one, one that when combined together with others, it produces a glorious new and unexpected purpose opening the mind to possibility.

I would argue that every pastor should be capable of this. Every church should be doing it. The music isn’t just about pleasing the ears, it involves healing, understanding and being part of something meaningful.

The Scriptures in the hands of a master are no longer random meaningless stories. But rather a guide that leads to healing, understanding and being part of something bigger than yourself.

I’ll take a story everyone knows and I’ll use it as an example of what I mean. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of Adam and Eve before, and I bet you think there’s nothing I can tell you about it you don’t already know. The typical pastor will read the words written in Genesis as they are. But I’m going to read them as God intended: For the purpose of enlightenment because after all, God told us to be a light to the world.

As you know, first God created Adam and afterwards he created Eve. You may recall that God commanded Adam to name the animals of the earth. And so he did. In other words, before creating Eve, God gave Adam a job to do. Adam received his job from God and he did it. Meaning God said do and he did. He didn’t object, look around and say, but God, I want one of those hot chics, forgoing his work to chase skirts instead.

If rather than reading the Scriptures as a random meaningless story, If instead, we assume God wanted us to learn something from them, then this first act of creating Adam and giving him a job to do, before creating Eve, tells us that man was created first to work and afterwards to marry.

In my last podcast I commented that that’s where men’s focus is. Women come out of the womb thinking about relationships and learning and focusing on social behaviors, playing house with dolls and imaging their husbands and children. And men come out of the womb concerned about working and earning and protecting and providing for a family. They’re pretending to be authority figures like cops and firemen. They play with bulldozers and trucks. And a man knows if he wants a good life he needs a good job. It is painfully obvious that bringing in strong income demands all of a man’s attention.

While women obsess about getting married and having children resting on the assumption that her husband will provide for them, she is free to focus specifically on the social behaviors that enable her to identify the right man for the job.

A woman can choose between a vast array of men selecting the best one to mate. Meaning she can shop and compare. And she gravitates to the finished products rather than the works in progress.

But an honorable man must take the product that he is and transform himself from a boy with little or nothing to offer into someone better, stronger, faster and wealthier than all the others. He must overpower and outdo, so that when the women are picking and choosing, he too will have some say in the matter. And he must also battle other men for what he views as rightfully his.

Meaning that her focus is 180 degrees the opposite of his. The man is focused on getting more touchdowns, making more baskets, lifting heavier and heavier weights, reading more books, taking more classes, and working harder to double his minimum wage salary. And all the while he feels the weight and pressure that if he can’t bring in a strong salary, he isn’t much of a man. He must transform. And so rather than looking at everyone else he has an inward focus. 

Because she will make her selection among the finished products. The woman is focused on how to identify a protector, a provider, someone who is loyal and safe, someone honest, trustworthy and able to provide. 

Only in the scenario where she doesn't believe she can find someone better, will she consider taking on the role of the man, herself.

The man is focused on taking Pinnoccio and turning him into not only a boy, but into a man. An impossible task for sure. While the woman is busy looking at the finished products and deciding which one she wants most and how she needs to look and behave and who she must be in order to get it.

If a man’s family is going to be a success, he must be a success. If a woman wants a successful family she must find a successful man and do whatever is necessary to get his attention and make him want her.

I’m not suggesting a man’s work is harder, only that it’s different. Women have their own unique set of challenges.

And so in some respects I’m explaining that men are not dense, they are overwhelmed. And to conclude women are smarter because their focus is elsewhere is unfair.

Let me give you an example of the difference in thinking between a man and a woman. This is a true story:

A woman once came to me and told me she had $5,000 to invest. She asked me how to grow the money quickly and get the fastest return possible. She wanted to put her money in the stock market and I commented that $5,000 in the stockmarket wouldn’t give her the kind of return she wanted unless she did something very risky. And would then likely lose all the money. After a lengthy discussion, I told her that the best thing she could do is put the money in a CD and potentially use some of the money to buy books and give herself an education in a trade that would give her a return on investment. And so I’ll tell you what she did instead:

She used the $5,000 to get a boob job and then she found a rich boyfriend.

While that is a legitimate investment of sorts, and certainly it’s out of the box thinking. And without exaggeration, I do assure that this is a true story. I ask you, in this exchange who was the smart one and who was the dumb one?

Now while one might argue the boob job was dumb the other could argue that it worked. I would simply argue that this is a shortcut, that it’s temporary, and not one that men have at their disposal.

A man requires real growth of character skills and wisdom, and for that time is a must.

Coming back to the story of Adam and Eve, God is both meticulous and precise with his detail and I’ll prove that to you now. Did you know:

That Adam was not created in the Garden of Eden? He was created outside the Garden near the Cave of Macpellah. And only after a period of holy purifying was he then transported to it?

No of course you didn’t know that because our churches don’t tell us these things.

This is significant for many reasons, but I’ll give you two whoppers:

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return. Adam and Eve were created near the cave from the dust of the earth, and after being banished from the garden for the fall of mankind and upon their death, they died there. Because dust thou art and to dust thou shall return. God created them outside the garden because he was being God. He knows how to tell a great story and great stories end at the beginning. It’s the circle of life on display.

Had they been created in the Garden of Eden, then after banishing them they would have died somewhere else and that lacks the poetry of what actually happened. What happened emphasized that God is a God of his word. They died right where they were created and dust they were and to dust they returned.

Secondly, this is symbolic of the fact that purification is required before entering paradise. The work of purification was done by God, not by Adam. Adam didn’t make himself pure so he could enter the garden, God did. The complete and finished work of Adam’s purification was external to him. It involved time but otherwise he had no part in it. And this was true for Eve also. Though she was created from Adam’s rib. Adam was in the garden, his rib was removed and Eve was created near the cave as well. And after her purification she was placed in the Garden just like Adam was. 

Her purification incidentally was longer than his because of her menstrual cycle. Yes, she was made as an adult who already had one. While it is true that Eve was cursed to experience pain in childbearing, it would seem that women always had a period.

But you need some Scripture:

Genesis 2:7-8 Says

7 then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. 8 And the LORD God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed. 

That is the only bone I will throw mature Christians because I want you to search your Bibles for yourselves! 

Interestingly Eve did not receive her name until after the fall of mankind. Because prior to the fall she was one with Adam. They were both once called Adam. Then they fell and she got her own name. Therefore, Not only was there separation between Adam and God, sin introduced separation between Adam and Eve. The further men and women drift apart the less they behave as God intended and the more independent their identities.

Have I taught you anything you didn’t already know? I’m guessing some the most mature Christians are chomping at the bit to search their Bibles and prove me wrong. So do it, but be careful and do your homework, because I know I did.

Someone who has read their Bible might be tempted to debate me and they may point to Genesis 1:26 and say, "Hey, the Bible says God created Adam and Eve on the sixth day and it says nothing about Man being given a job first, before Eve’s creation." 

Okay, that is partially true. Except that it says he created man, not Adam: he created them male and female. And a careful read of all of Genesis 1 reveals that it’s an overview or a summary of creation. In Genesis 2 God becomes specific. He backs up and then he goes into detail.

Genesis 2:15 says
15 The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. 16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

And it’s not until Genesis 2:18 that God mentions the idea of creating a woman.

And that btw, is one of the most mis-used Scriptures in the Bible. It says:

18 “It is not good that the man should be alone…”

Now, let us remember that while Adam was going about the Lord’s work, he would have noticed that the God made male and female animals. That those animals were procreating and having offspring and that Adam was all alone and unable to do this by himself. So when God said alone, given that the only man was Adam, he meant very alone. Meaning that there would be no human population. 

This Scripture does not imply that it is a tragedy when every man is not married, but rather that it would have been rather lonely existence for Adam being the only human in creation. God wanted to see husbands and wives, families and nations of men and women on the earth. And without Eve that would not have been impossible. Thus the statement: 

18 “It is not good that the man should be alone…”

And so how much truer does that statement ring, when we understand it completely?

I mention this because I would argue that it is good that man should be alone. Otherwise it never would have happened. Meaning, God could have created men and women simultaneously, like he did with the animals, but he didn’t. Revealing that God must have distinguished men from animals with this move. In fact he was making at least two statements with it:
  1. By creating her from Adam’s rib he was declaring that she was unique and specific to Adam. She was his soul mate. He also showed that…
  2. It is not only good, but great for man to be alone for a period of time. Working and learning and developing himself, separate and apart from the influence of others is not only wise, it is crucial. The man needs to know who he is, where he is going and why he was created, and he needs to actually begin or complete that work before he receives a wife as an inheritance from the Lord.

Because a man’s relationship with God is developed in isolation. Like Adam in the garden, David and Moses in the wilderness shepherding their flocks. And remember that the entire Hebrew nation shepherded flocks. Suggesting they all spent large amounts of time in isolation. Elijah was alone when he fled from Jezebel, and then later being fed by ravens and drinking from a stream. All in isolation and that's part of a man’s growth in the Lord. If that were not so, Adam and Eve would have been created together simultaneously. 

It’s different for a woman. They dislike being alone. God established an order. He wanted a relationship with the man to develop first. And then the man marry’s and becomes one with the woman who is born into a new relationship with God at the same time she is born into a one with her husband. That’s how it works. If that bothers you, direct your feedback to God.

Before we discuss soul mates. We should understand what that means:

The soul is the mind and the mind is the soul. Just as the spirit is the heart and the heart is the spirit. We are body mind and heart, just as we are body, soul and spirit. All of those expressions mean the same thing and it is our personal trinity. Just as we have the Holy Trinity with our creator God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. We individuals as people have our own trinity.

The significance of that is that if the soul is the mind. This reveals there are two ways for the souls to become one: through sexual intercourse and by coming together in agreement. The two can actually become one intellectually, which leads to an emotional bond, where the souls become one without sex. That’s the sort of unity that bonded David and Jonathan together that resulted in Jonathan sacrificing his Kingdom for David’s sake. And it’s the sort of bond that when it occurs between a man and woman who afterwards become husband and wife and then come together in sex, it makes that relationship incredible. When the minds come together before the bodies, the bond is intense and the sex is incredible. When the bodies come together before the minds, there is no guarantee the minds will ever completely unite, but they still can.

You’ve probably seen this before: a couple gets married and they eventually start acting like each other. That can happen through sex. And through sex they will eventually become one in mind so long as they remain faithful.

That’s where a woman’s early warning system comes in by the way. Before a man cheats she notices he starts erecting walls and keeping information from her. And it worries her because the minds often join or separate before the bodies do. Walling off your mind from your partner is a precursor to adultery, and yet I will eventually do a podcast on the most appropriate and necessary kinds of secrets. There are appropriate secrets that God wants every person to keep, but that’s a topic for another time. Therefore the warning is more a situation where disagreements appear where agreements once lived.

You may have also seen situations where the couple trades personalities. The man acts like the wife and the wife acts like her husband. Not in the masculine and feminine sense, but in the personality sense.

And really this was the issue with Solomon by the way: God warned his people to avoid sexual relations with women from certain cultures because he knows how he designed us. There is a merging of body and mind during sex, which is why the companion of many partners has trouble coping with life. The Bible encourages us to renew our minds using Scripture as a sort of healing and to reset them and the reset is necessary for keeping us from degrading into vile practices and behavior. And of all people the wisest man in the wold struggled with this. And that is a warning to us that even the wisest man is susceptible to the issues that can come from promiscuous sex.

The Bible warns that it becomes important for adults to break bonds with their parents and cleave to their husbands or wives. Because the child who maintains the bond with their parents experiences a barrier to their mate. It’s generally unhealthy after they move away period.

Kids and parents share a similar unity bond that’s plutonic. That would be like the bond between David and Jonathan or male or female friends for example.

Disagreement of the mind results in separation of the souls and potentially divorce.

Mature Christians would know that Adam was the first Adam and Jesus was referred to as the second. In the first Adam all men die and so also in Christ  all men shall be made alive. That’s 1 Cor 15:22.

Later in that same chapter it says, " ’The first man Adam became a living being'; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit."

Meaning we can confirm much of what I’ve said by examining the life of Jesus who was the second Adam. The first 30 years of his life he was preparing for ministry. He did not marry because he had not completed the work his father assigned him. Then he went into a four year ministry before he got married.

Ah, now I have the mature Christians on their heals because they’re tempted to object that Jesus never married. And that is true, but the Bible says he will because it refers to the church as the bride of Christ.

And so once again we see a man who was created, who communed with the father in isolation, being a carpenter who often sought solace in mountaintops. And certainly spent 40 days alone in the wilderness. Ultimately doing the work he was created for after his 30 years of preparation, before finally getting married.

But you need another example. Who else completed their work before getting married? Jacob. Yeah, you know, the father of Isreal. Jacob who became Israel, served Laban for 7 years before marrying Leah. And again agreeing to another 7 for the love of his life who was Rachel. Leah and Rachel were sisters. So those two likely had a soul bond with each other and then also bonded with Jacob. All of that occurred after he received his birthright and blessing and left home.

There is a very consistent pattern of a man completing his work before receiving his wife. Except in those situations where the man took his wife and then later suffered from consequences like the case of Samson and Delilah.

Samson began part of his ministry which he interrupted himself when he insisted that his parents deliver him his wife, since marriages were arranged in those days that was normal. And after a series of blunders he ended up with Delilah who betrayed him. She delayed his ministry, but did not derail his purpose. Ultimately he did exactly what he was created to do, but it cost him his life. And by that I mean it not only killed him, but he deprived himself of a lifetime with a wife and kids.

And so we come to the matter of age differences. I don’t know of even a single Bible marriage where the woman was older than the man. Just as Adam was older than Eve, every marriage in the Bible always as far as I know, always involves an older man marrying a younger woman or girl. The age differences are often very big:
  1. Abraham was 10 years older than Sarah.
  2. There was a 40 year age difference between Ruth and Boaz
  3. Rebekah was 14 when she married Isaac who would have been at least 37.
  4. Joseph was between 80 and 90 years old when he married 12 year-old Mary who bore the savior.

I bet you didn’t know that either, did you? That’s because our churches hide these ages because they fear our culture much more than they fear God.
Our culture views this behavior as indisputably wrong and pastors value tithing more than the truth.

Now by way of a disclaimer: I got a lot of these ages by searching on Google. However, I remember from past searches where I actually looked through certainly legitimate sources. I remember that these age differences I'm giving you now are more conservative than the ages that I saw myself when I searched. With one exception. The one exception is that I never had seen the age difference between Joseph and Mary. So the summary I want you to take away from this is that there are many many relationships in the Bible that are very very far apart in age. Are the ones that I listed absolutely accurate? Not with the level of accuracy that I usually hold myself to. But close enough that I can tell you that it's at least this far. With again the one exception between Joseph and Mary which I had never seen. But I will be on the lookout for that and I will confirm it in a future podcast whether true or false.

And finally, given that the earth was created in one-thousand-year days (according to the book of Jubilees). It is possible and even likely that Adam was over one hundred years old before even meeting Eve. Remember he was given some jobs and they would not have been easy. Because Adam was made on the sixth day when God had his hands full with creation.

Now I know your church and Ken Hamm want you to believe that the earth was created in six 24-hour days, but that’s a lie. The purpose of that lie is for compatibility with the big bang theory and modern day science. But even just the evidence in the Bible itself show this to be incredibly unlikely. And the extrabiblical documents prove it to be an outright lie. It’s been a while since I’ve done this study. And since I wasn’t planning on presenting it in a podcast today and I'm away from home, my notes aren’t handy. But I will make a note to remember to create a future podcast dedicated to proving this. For now I’ll do this off the top of my head:

Remember that God rested on the seventh day and so everything I’m about to describe would have had to have occurred on the sixth day. In one 24 hour period if what Ken Hamm and our pastors tell us is true. Now ask yourself how realistic you think that is:

After creating Adam near the cave. God then created the Garden of Eden in the east and moved Adam to it. Certainly God can do that quickly, but Adam was then commanded to work the garden and name the animals of the earth. And only after he did that for a period of time while God watched, only then did God say, “[Ya know,] It’s not good for man to be alone.” That means he must have came to that decision after a few hours or a few minutes of watching Adam. That’s quick, but he is God. Right? He’s a mover and a shaker! And so then God puts Adam to sleep and removes a rib and creates Eve. All in the same day! 

I don't think even in the back of your mind you ever believed that that occurred that quickly. I don't think that you ever really considered that Adam and Eve both were created in the same 24-hour period. That would be a simultaneous man and woman creation and if that were true, it would invalidate much of what I’ve said in this podcast so far. And so I felt like it was important to bring that up. But it’s not true. And so I’ll take a note and I'll come back to this and I'll prove it, which I’m pretty sure I can do using the Bible alone. Because if memory serves the Bible talks about Eve’s purification period and I think it's somewhere in the book of Exodus. In the end, Iwill bring together the evidences and the proofs that I have that show that that's just not the case. 

And now back to our regularly scheduled program:

We know Adam was 130 years old before he and Eve had Abel. And so I ask you: if God gave you a beautiful naked woman how long do you figure it would be before you had sex with her?

And so what I’m doing right now is I’m challenging our cultural norm that men and women are supposed to be roughly equal in age. I’m wondering out loud if it’s possible that Hollywood has normalized the idea that it’s smart for two kids to try to take on the world together.

In Hollywood we see all sorts of configurations: girls with girls, guys with guys, older women and younger men, and a couple of equal age, and on occasion I even hear references to sex with animals, but what seems to be conspicuously missing is older men with younger women. As if that would be horrible and indisputably wrong. And so I think it makes sense to take a moment to consider that dynamic:

There is a distinct advantage in a man being older because experience comes with age. A man who is older has more possessions, has usually traveled more, and has simply had more life and thus more to offer a young woman than a man younger or equal to her in age. An older woman is tempted to make the decisions because she assumes she’s smarter simply because she’s older (defying God's decree that the man is the head).

We know she was a helper to him before the serpent came along. And they didn’t have kids until after the fall of mankind. But Adam could have easily been one hundred years old before he met her.

How many people in your life who are younger than you, do you view as smarter than you? If you can’t think of anyone, then I assure you that those who are older than you view you this way also.

Some of the more humble folks might list one or two, but it is unusual to view our younger counterparts are smarter than us unless they are particularly outstanding.

Perhaps one of the primary reasons I am single at 46 is because I insist on doing things in accordance with the order that God prescribed. If he says the man is the head of the family, then I am compelled to agree with him because he’s God. And I would be a fool to fight God.

However, our culture has abandoned this sort of thinking viewing it as outmoded because no one can correctly articulate this. And so as a consequence our culture has transformed itself in such a way that has precipitated rampant divorce. The problem is not marriage, and it’s not a problem of compatibility between men and woman; it’s disobedience to God’s created order. It is God’s will that the man be the head of the family. It is His will that the woman were created to be a helpmeet for the man. And everything God did in the Bible makes this clear and obvious. And it is in fact endorsed by casual observation. 

Just as evolution teaches that things get better and better and the Bible preaches that sin came into the world making things worse and worse and we can look around and see cancer and deformities in abundance. So too, we see rampant divorce illustrating that what we believe and think and practice and what actually works are in completely in conflict.

I often hear that women are smarter than men and so I wonder that if that’s true, why then wouldn’t an older man marry a younger woman? Why is that considered taboo?

I often hear that one of the biggest challenges in a marriage is finances. And if that’s true, then I wonder why wouldn’t an older man marry a younger woman?

And I often hear that women like older men. And the fact that such relationships only rarely result in marriages makes me suspicious. And yet it doesn’t…

Though I have dated older women with no objections from anyone I have also dated younger women in the face of heavy objections. But there are books on the idea that it is the majority that is often wrong. 

The Bible goes to great lengths to establish the idea that an age difference is not wrong, though I’m aware of no examples where the woman is older.

Since I believe I’ve made my point by establishing that there is no such thing as an unacceptable age gap. Given that Adam was likely over a hundred when Eve was made. We should feel free to marry whoever God presents. We just need to make sure she came from him!

And so I want to close with the discussion on soul mates:

The act of God taking one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve implies that Adam is incomplete because a piece of him was suddenly missing. And then when Eve and Adam are together they are both made whole. Because she comes from him. When he sees her he declares you are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Suggesting you are so much a part of me that you are me.

The Bible says that she is his helper. And that’s consistent with the theme of this podcast. God gave Adam a job, he made Adam focus on it. He let him mature and grow and develop qualities that made him a skilled laborer before Eve even met him. And when she did meet him he already knew his purpose. He was already good at his job, already skilled, already doing it. And since his task was big he could see his need for her help. He needed her, he wanted her and he was excited to see her when God sent her.

And so while you and I know that God is pretty amazing in every way and he would notice things very quickly that are amiss, don't you think Adam would need a few days to recognize and see his need for the woman? Wouldn't time need to elapse for him to truly be grateful that God presented her. Which is again why I don't see how it's possible even just using the Bible all by itself that anyone can realistically come to the conclusion that the earth was made in 6 24 hour days. 

But even the things God didn’t do are also instructive:
  1. He didn’t make Eve from the dirt the way he did with Adam. He made her from his rib which signified that she makes him whole.
  2. The earth is a big place. He didn’t make Adam go find Eve, he brought Eve to Adam. 
  3. She was gorgeous, perfect in every way, and God not only delivered her to Adam, she was already naked.
  4. He didn’t make ten women and tell Adam to choose among them. Eve was the only woman for Adam.
  5. Nor did he make ten men and ten women and tell them all to compete with each other.
  6. He made Adam, he gave him a job, he developed a relationship with him. He gave Adam instructions that Adam then delivered to his wife. Specifically don’t eat the forbidden fruit… And then when Adam’s wife sinned and partook of the forbidden fruit. Adam had the ability to submit to her in disobedience to God, or to submit to God in disobedience to her. Adam had veto power over her decision, he could have broken her contract, avoided the fall of mankind. He could have asked God what to do, instead of assuming it was his job to to save her by joining her in her sin, her fate and her consequences.

And so I think I’ve made a few things clear in this podcast:
  1. Men were created first to work and afterwards to marry.
  2. It’s not wrong for a man to be alone, in fact it’s good. It was just bad for the whole earth to only be peopled by Adam.
  3. A man should develop his relationship with God first to discover his purpose.
  4. And Imagine how much conflict is introduced when a girl marries a boy who only comes to discover his purpose long after they’re married. What if she hates his purpose? So when women go window shopping for men, they should be evaluating men who already know their purpose. Otherwise, it’s like playing the lottery. Ask yourself what you want to be part of?
  5. Everyone has a soul mate;
  6. Our souls unite when our minds are in agreement (it would be best if that happens before sex);
  7. God will bring our wife to us and she may be younger than we expect;
  8. The majority generally has its head up its ass. So whatever you do, don’t listen to them!

And so now taking a page out of God’s playbook allow me to end with the beginning as he so often does:

When you take a wet finger and rub it around the rim of a crystal wine glass, it always resonates. Because that’s the way the glass was designed. The glass doesn’t get to decide to resonate, and the only thing the glass can do to avoid resonating is to avoid the wet finger.

Whenever someone tells you what the Bible says, provided you listen, the message always resonates because God indicated that his word does not return void. You were designed so that his word will impact you. And by the end of this podcast that will be clear.

You were designed to receive God’s word. The more you experience it, the more it resonates. At first you might find that uncomfortable because it might seem like a misuse of your design, but when you suddenly discover you’re doing something you’ve never done before, you become intrigued. Making you wonder what else don’t you know about your design?

If you’re still hear, if this is resonating with you, and particularly if you started listening to all these podcasts from the beginning, then you are part of something bigger than yourself.

Now while one might say we reviewed Genesis 1 - 3. The truth is we haven’t even scratched the surface. I could have told you so much more.

I won’t ask if I told you things you enjoyed hearing, things you agreed with because I'm not seeking consensus. Because I’m not seeking consensus. Instead, I’ll ask: 

did I tell you things you didn’t already know?

I hope so, because that concludes our study of relationships for today!

As always thank you for listening. Happy New Year to all my modern day genius friends and fans!

And y’all come back now, ya here?

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