Tao Te Ching

Author: Lao Tzu
Title: Tao Te Ching
Plot: A 4-for-1. This holy book is the basis of Taoism. It's also a foundational study for Buddhism, Confusionism, Chinese legalism and even Chinese philosophy. 
Note: This is one of my most popular podcasts

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This religious text is Circa 600 BC. And you get a 4-for-1 with this podcast.

The Tao Te Ching (along with the Zhuangzi), is a fundamental text for philosophical and religious Taoism. It also strongly influenced Buddhism, Confusionism, Chinese legalism and even Chinese philosophy.

LAO TZU was born in 601 BC. He is the author and founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions. He was usually portrayed as a contemporary of Confucius. His name is an honorary title that means old master.

As a religious figure, he is worshipped under the name "Supreme Old Lord"

Warning: Though I read the book with an open mind, I would warn listeners this may strike you as more of a critique rather than an advertisement. It will be clear I am not promoting the religion in any way. Meaning if you like the book, I doubt you'll like the review. But so that you know I'm objective, my review of the Great Learning by Confucius was favorable despite the fact that I consider myself a Christian.

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