Simply Irresistible

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Simply Irresistible
Plot: A self improvement book designed to transform men — inevitably producing an object of desire.

Listen to "Simply Irresistible Chapter 1" on Spreaker.

As a reward to my followers, I have posted the audio from chapter 1 of my book Simply Irresistible.

This is a self-help book for transforming men from hunters into prey. Instead of chasing, you will be choosing. Chapter 1 begins with an introduction designed to accomplish two purposes:

To get to know each other
To reveal that we often stray off course very early in life

Though it is important to grow up, it is more important to remain true to who we are! And for that we should revisit our roots and consider where we might have gone wrong. We can use the wisdom we lacked as kids combined with the benefit of hindsight, to examine our past and make course corrections now that have tremendous impact on our future.

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