Transcript - The Miracle in the Scarlet Car

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: The Miracle in the Scarlet Car
Plot: Tom comes under God’s protection when he drives into oncoming traffic

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Full Transcript
Hey, welcome back!

It’s story time!

You need not remember all these items, but the ingredients in this story are: 

A wallet, a podcast channel, a blizzard, an angry devil and a miracle. 

The story involves me driving down the wrong side of the interstate blinded by a snow storm for five miles. Yes, you heard me correctly! I drove down the wrong side of the highway for five miles. Which, I of course did not do, on purpose. 

The last scene I will describe before starting my story from the beginning was me playing chicken with a large flatbed diesel on his side of road. We were both surrounded by a pack of cars on a stormy night.

And God later revealed to me that this was an attack from the devil. Informing me the devil wanted me dead and had made more attempts on my life than I knew. 

But when I say devil, I don't necessarily mean Satan. Just the one assigned to me and my family.

And so our story begins:

I often say, that:

You don’t get to experience the supernatural by doing what comes naturally. 

—Tom Freedom

And that is espeically true on this night. 
When someone disappoints you, particularly when it's God, what comes naturally is to complain. But the Bible tells us not to. And in fact, at least where God is concerned, we’re supposed to go the other direction. He wants us to sing his praises. And in this context he calls it the sacrifice of praise I suspect few people ever learn this principle because it is so often very difficult to do. It was one of the hardest disciplines for me to master in my life. But it is one of the keys to unlocking miracles.

On this fateful night I wasn't excited about the sacrifice of praise. By definition it is supposed to be hard.

But by this night, this stormy night, I was downright tired of it. Making this particular occasion especially hard. 

I had recently drafted a book on the power of prayer and I found myself telling my friends about a miracle that never came. I wasn't embarrassed, but I was disappointed. And borderline disillusioned. It is embarassing to write a book, put the principles in use, and suffer an immediate public defeat.

I distilled the method down into a prayer formula that worked every time except this one.

On Oct 6th of 2019 I lost my wallet. It was full of cards and money and keys. And there was a key in that wallet the unlocked something precious and it was the only one and it was irreplaceable. Meaning I suffered a great loss that day. I didn’t talk about the key, but I told everyone about the wallet. It was a setback that made money tight and my financial position precarious and it made my heart sick. 

I have surveillance cameras everywhere on my property because they come in handy. And even after viewing the films. I couldn’t find the wallet… So I prayed for God to return it to me using all my latest prayer techniques. And he failed to deliver.

And so now we come to the part of the story that you've been waiting for:

On January 8th of 2020. I was driving my car in a heavy snow storm. I decided to go to Walmart and I was thinking about my podcast channel. My download stats were improving, but not at the rate I imagined. And I had prayed for the channel for a long time.

After driving for ten miles I was only five miles away now when a storm cloud suddenly descended and a blizzard emerged. It came out of nowhere. Visibility  dropped to zero. And with this storm cloud came a spirit of anger that reminded me about my wallet and my podcast channel. The devil wanted me to shake my fist of anger at God even as he used this storm as the instrument of my death.

But I did not know that then.

I felt prompted to sing to God. But I just was not in the state of mind for that. I had my iPhone in my hand my earbuds in my ear and I was reminded that miracles come when we sing praises to God, especially when our circumstances are less than satisfying.

The conditions were right, but my heart was unhappy. I groaned in my spirit, but I found my favorite song and I began singing. The storm intensified almost as if my singing made it angry. Visibility was so bad I could only see the tail lights of the car in front of me. And when I heard the rumble strips on the road I was immediately disoriented and confused. Confusion is a warning sign for spiritual attack, but I did not connect those dots, not that night. The strips are normally on the right side of the road, as you know, and so I was horrified when I crossed them while moving to the left. Had visibility gotten so low that I had nearly driven off the right shoulder of the road? You can imagine the effect that fear had on me. I pushed my car further to the left.  And as I'm sure you guessed the rumble strips were my last warning that I had crossed into oncoming traffic. And right after crossing them the road split into a divided highway. But I could not see that at this point.

You may recall I said my only visibility was the taillights in front of me. Meaning I had followed that driver into oncoming traffic. 

I often just sing one praise song in a day and so when I went to shut off the player I felt small. God challenged me in that moment to sing to him more. I realize now that he was saving my life. But in that moment I was almost offended. I had already done more than I thought he deserved and so I stared at my phone wrestling with the Holy Spirit. I wasn't nearly as angry as I was when I began singing so the decision to continue was easer now.

The storm cloud abated and visibility cleared up, but there was no indication that I was on the wrong side of the road so I didn't know and neither did the driver in front of me, not yet. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the feeling of singing praises to God and so I set my mind to singing more. All the way to Walmart. My joy increased even as I sped toward a pack of cars surrounding a flatbed diesel driving in my lane. And all the while I was following the tail lights of the car in front of me. 

I became emboldened in my singing. I felt moved as if the Holy Spirit had filled me with vigor and energy. I can only imagine how that scene must have looked from the perspective of heaven. My relatives biting their nails, the devil on the edge of his seat, and God enjoying the sound of obedience that became more bold with every note. I used gestures while I sung taking my hands off the wheel belting out the song like my life depended on it. And I see now that it did.

The car in front of me had pulled away increasing the distance between us. And a thought entered my mind: on a night like this I shouldn't let him get too far in front of me. So both hands hand returned to the wheel. And by now we had traveled three miles and passed a handful of cars who I know were rattled at the thought of sharing their road with us, because by the police were dispatched and were speeding toward us as fast as the weather conditions would allow.

In the distance ahead I saw the diesel coming and I recall wondering: what is he was thinking passing such a big line of cars in this weather? My foot left the gas as I watched the car in front of me swerve to his right and while the oncoming diesel swerved to his and the cars in his lane moved out of his way. My impulse was to slam on the breaks, but instead I continued singing and only touched them lightly. We missed each other by inches. And I pumped my fist and wondered in amazement at his stupidity. An idiot like that could do some real damage. What was he thinking?

And so I returned to my lane and my singing. You might wonder why God would protect me instead of stopping me. Or warning me. Well, he had been, but I was in disbelief. It is impossible to believe that you are driving on the wrong side of the road. Soon I saw flashing lights. A cop passing me traveling on the side of the road where I should have been. And I became a little confused and disoriented. How did he get over there? And when and why was this blockade installed between us? And I saw lights behind me, too, but they were far away and moving slow, and the car I was following was pulling away. So I pressed forward, filled with a rare passion and fire that I don't often experience, while my mind continued adding up the clues. And I continued denying the possibility: how could I possibly be driving on the wrong side of the road? That just doesn't happen. I've never done that! How could that be possible? And then I began asking the right question: how could I possibly have ended up on the wrong side of the road? 

And then I remembered the blizzard and the rumble strips and then I understood why the police car behind me was pursuing so slowly. He was afraid of the oncoming traffic and the weather conditions. When I finally accepted the truth of my situation. I pulled over in the emergency lane of the fast lane and waited. A minute later two police officers stood at the side of my door and yelled, "What the hell are you doing on this side of the road?"

Though the blizzard was five miles behind us I said,

"Officer, I am so sorry. I obviously did not do that on purpose. When I was whited out I focused on the tail lights in front of me and followed him onto the wrong side of the road."

To which he said, "You should've figured it out sooner. Why did it take you so long?" 

When he asked me that question, words failed me. I had no idea why it took me so long. But thinking back on it now I realize that it took me so long because it's just impossible to believe. 

He looked ahead as if he didn't know about the car in front of me. He immediately calmed down and said, "Okay, wait for that next car to pass and then turn around."

I did and pulled over expecting him to write me a ticket. But he walked over and said, "You can go. Drive safe."

I drove in shock to the Walmart. I sensed God explain the devil made an attempt on my life that night and God had protected me.

God was most definitely my shield that night. I believe he also had his angels blocking for me and keeping the other drivers safe. I may not have believed when he warned me I was driving down the wrong side of the road, but I listened when he told me to sing praise songs to him and get louder. 

Sometimes we wonder why God doesn't stop us, but God knows I would rather have this story. God's blessing and protection constantly amaze me. I thank God and his angels.

Ladies and Gentlemen on January 8th 2020, I lived. And on January 9th, 2020 my wallet was returned with everything in it.

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