The Bible on Soulmates

Author: Moses
Title: Genesis 1-3
Plot: The history of Adam and Eve and its implications on the nature of husband and wife relations particularly as soulmates
Note: I guarantee you've never heard it explained like this!

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This audio podcast answers the questions:

  • Is there such a thing as a soulmate?
  • Do I have a soulmate? How can you be sure?
  • How will I know my soulmate when I see him? (or her)
  • Why are men and women so different?
  • What is the soul? Is there a difference between soul and spirit?
  • What is the spirit?

Did you know the Bible teaches that in God's eyes a marriage occurs during sex? Uh. Oh...

The Bible indisputably teaches us we each have a soulmate!

This study is primarily on Genesis chapters 1-3.

When God made Adam and Eve he originally called them both Adam; Adam said she was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. The two became one. She wasn't created from the dust like he was, she was created from his rib. The implication is that together she completed him. 

It wasn't until after the fall that she got a different name: Eve. This signified that not only did the fall introduce separation between God and man, but also between husband and wife. 

But there is so much more! I guarantee you've never heard the story explained like this!

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