Don't Let Your Kids Kill You

Author: Charles Rubin
Title: Don't Let Your Kids Kill You
Plot: How to navigate life as the parent of drug addicts
Note: Many useful tips are given regarding parenting techniques useful in deterring drug addiction. This book is fantastic!

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This book answers questions like: 

  • My kid is a drug addict. What do I do?
  • I'm worried one of my kids will destroy the lives of the others.
  • I'm considering banishing my child from the house. Am I a terrible person? Is that wrong?
  • My kid keeps getting himself thrown in jail and I keep bailing him out. I'm tempted to leave him there.
  • I'm worried my kid will be the death of me.

This was a fantastic, incredibly eye opening book. It's Jujitsu for those who know drug addicts (even if they're not your kid). When it comes to identifying and understanding that you are dealing with a drug addict and where and how and why you should draw the line, I can’t imagine there’s a better resource!

Charles was born in New York City is a Marine Corps Veteran. He had two sons who were drug addicts and he was faced with many hard choices in life. It is obvious he loved those boys. And he clearly spent much time in counseling including Tough Love, AA and interviewing and counseling parents of other drug addicts. 

Whether you need help coping with the decisions you've made or the strength to make hard choices, this book is for you! 

And I highly recommend this book for parents before having kids. Reading it before raising your kids may save their lives!

He has some great advice for parents who truly love and want the best for their children: Don't Let Your Kids Kill You!

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Don't Let Your Kids Kill You

Author:  Charles Rubin Title:  Don't Let Your Kids Kill You Plot:  How to navigate life as the parent of drug addicts Note:  Many u...