Baghavad Gita Part 4

Author: Adi Shankara
Title: Baghavad Gita
Plot: 2-For-1, This is the Hari Krishna's primary religious text, but only one of many of the Hindu's. Krishna is viewed as the Supreme God and he is talking to Arjuna (a prince) about the moral question of whether it's okay to kill our friends and countrymen in civil war.
Note: For researcher types who want a deep study there are four parts. Part 4 is the most interesting summary. While Part 1 is also a good summary (though not as entertaining). 

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This is the summary of the summary for these two religions.

This is an important 2-for-1 study for anyone who wants to learn the beliefs of the Hari Krishnas and the Hindus

This fourth and final installment of the Baghavad Gita book review covers chapter 13 - 18 and ends with my closing thoughts on the implications of the composition of the book.

There are three characters in this part of the book review:

  1. Krishna (the God character)
  2. Arjuna (the warrior)
  3. Sanjaya (the Narrator)
Warning: Though I read the book with an open mind, I would warn listeners this may strike you as more of a critique rather than an advertisement. It will be clear I am not promoting the religion. Meaning if you love the book, I doubt you'll like the review. But so that you know I'm objective, my review of the Great Learning by Confucius was favorable despite the fact I consider myself a Christian.

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