Action Plan

Five fast and simple ways you can have a big impact on this project (in many cases, anonymously):

If you're fast and you already have accounts, you can complete all of these steps in less than sixty seconds and you will have a big impact! Always remember: 

Just because you make it look easy, that doesn't mean you're not a big deal!

— Tom Freedom

In iTunes, iOS Podcast, Google Play Store, Spreaker and Stitcher:

1. Subscribe to the channel (this creates downloads that increase site rankings)

     1. First go to Apple or Google
     2. Then click Subscribe
2. You can give a show rating (1-5 Stars)

     1. First go to Apple or Stitcher
     2. For Apple, click Listen on Apple Podcasts
     3. For Apple, click Ratings and Reviews 
     4. Set the number of stars
3. Share the podcasts on your feed in Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (using the buttons provided at the bottom of each podcast) 
4. Login to Podbean (the source feed) and click Follow
     1. Click here
     2. Click Follow
5. Get on your mobile device and subscribe via Apple podcasts and Google Play Store

Don't forget to bookmark this website so you can find it again!

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