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My goal is to reconstruct history from the beginning of time and to share the journey every step of the way — because I could use your help!

New or old I love to read books. And yet I'm no fan of wasting time. So if there is a book you'd like me to read and review, feel free to make the recommendation (particularly if it relates to an upcoming holiday).

Though I am a huge fan of all things ancient, I recognize the value in wisdom wherever and whenever it was born. And so you will find equal amounts of everything here.

You will see me review everything from Mein Kampf to the Bible. While I try to be objective with all reviews, I don't run from my opinions, beliefs or mistakes. I am Christian and though I will not try to convert you to my way of thinking, I will explain it. And though Christian, you will observe that I am no fan of churches. The Bible tells me that in the last days the sheep will be scattered and so I am unafraid to go my own way because narrow is the path that leads to salvation. Meaning, I think for myself and do not fear people, not even bishops and pastors... And yet, there are those I love.

I would imagine you will find my podcasts to be objective and revelatory. And I will always do this because it's who I am. And so I share this journey with you and pray that you will join me in it! You would be surprised at the impact of your small actions. Just going into iTunes and giving me a five star rating for example. An investment of about twenty seconds can yield big results. Always remember: 

"Just because you make it look easy, that doesn't mean you're not a big deal."
— Tom Freedom.

Perhaps you've written a book. So long as you are honest with me about your experience, I would be happy to encourage you in your writing. At worst, granting you a private review and potentially even showcasing your work in a podcast. I believe we can help each other! I make more suggestions about how you can help me on the home page, but feel free to offer me yours because I would be a fool to impose my ideas on you without first considering yours.

Make no mistake: if you are here, it's because we share common interests. Let's build that relationship together!

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me!

And please forgive me for being a flawed human. if I say things that are incorrect, stated poorly or offensive, I hope you will consider overlooking my flaws for the sake of the objective.

If you haven't read the home page yet, be sure to check it out!

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