Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Collection of historian writers from the Ecclesiastical History of the Church

  1. Agrippa Castor (refutation of Balisades)
  2. Aristides
  3. Aristo of Pella
  4. Aristobulus
  5. Apollinarus, 
  6. Caius (the disputation)
  7. Clement (Hypotyposes or Institutions)
  8. Clement of Alexandria (Stromata)
  9. Demetrius
  10. Dionysus (the Promise)
  11. Eupolemus
  12. Hegesippus
  13. Ignatius (Epistles)
  14. Josephus
  15. Justin Iraneaus
  16. Justin the Martyr
  17. Melito
  18. Modestus
  19. Musanus
  20. Origen
  21. Papias (Interpretation of our Lord’s Declarations)
  22. Philo
  23. Philip, 
  24. Pinytus (bishop of Crete)
  25. Polycarp

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