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Collection of heretical writings from the Ecclesiastical History of the Church

The heresies are

  1. From Simeon sprung the sect of Simonians
  2. From Cleobius, sprung the sect of Cleobians
  3. From Dositheus sprung the sect of Dosittheans
  4. From Gorthoeus sprung the sect of Gorthoeonians
  5. From Masbotheus  sprung the sect of Masbotheeans
  6. From Marcionists  sprung the sect of Menandrians
  7. Carpocratians, 
  8. Valentinians, 
  9. Basilikans and
  10. Saturnilians 
  11. The heresy of the Encratites (Book 4. Ch. 28)
  12. The heresy of Tatianus (Book 4, Ch. 29)
  13. The Severians (Book 4, Ch. 29)

*From them spring the false Christ and false prophets and false apostles the devil used to divide the unity of the church.

There were also different opinions in the circumcision against the tribe of Judah and the Messiah viz the:

  1. Essenes, 
  2. the Galilieans, 
  3. Hemerobaptisits, 
  4. Masbothoeans, 
  5. the Samaritans, 
  6. the Sadducees 
  7. and Pharisees.

Book / DivisionStatus
Acts of PaulSpurious
Revelation of PeterSpurious
Epistle of BarnabasSpurious
Institutions of the ApostlesSpurious
Gospel of PeterHeretical
Gospel of ThomasHeretical
Gospel of MatthewHeretical
The Acts of the Apostles by AndrewHeretical
The Acts of the Apostles by JohnHeretical
The Acts of the Apostles by OthersHeretical
Book / DivisionStatus
Simon Magus
Menander (Samaritan of Caparattaea)
Nicolaus (Nicolaites)

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