Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Collection of heretical refutations from the Ecclesiastical History of the Church

The works of Justin the Martyr:
  1. A book against the Greeks 
  2. The Refutation (a work against the Gentiles)
  3. A dialog against the Jews (at Ephasus with Tryphon)

Works of Musanus 
  1. The heresy of the Encratites (the founder was Tatianus)

Works of Apollinaris Bishop of Hierapolis 
  1. Five books against the Greeks 
  2. Two also against the Jews 
  3. The heresy of the Phrygians. 

Works of  Theophilus the Bishop of Antioch. 
  1. Against the heresy of Hermogenis,

Works of Bardesanes (Book 4 Ch. 30)
  1. Dialogs against Marcion

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