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Collection of genuine writings from the Ecclesiastical History of the Church

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The works of Apion

  1. On the Hexaemeron

The works of Apollinaris Bishop of Hierapolis 
  1. An Apology, 
  2. Five books against the Greeks
  3. Two books on truth 
  4. Two books against the Jews
  5. A book against the heresy of the Phrygians

The works of Bardesanes (A disciple of Valentine, who reformed)

  1. Dialogs against Marcion
  2. On Fate (sent to Antonine)

The works of Caius (Chapter 25 Book 2)

  1. the Disputation

The works of Candidus

  1. On the Hexaemeron

The works by (Titius Flavius) Clement of Alexandria

  1. First book of the Institutions
  2. Second book of the Institutions
  3. Third book of the Institutions
  4. Fourth book of the Institutions
  5. Fifth book of the Institutions
  6. On the Passover (because of this work by Melito)
  7. Sixth book of the Institutions
  8. Stromata
  9. On the knowledge of the true philosophy
  10. Hypotyposes or Institutions
  11. Paedagogue
  12. What Rich Man May Be Saved
  13. An Address to the New Converts
  14. Ecclesiastical Canon
  15. An Address to the Judaizing
  16. The disputed Scriptures
  17. He Reviews the Wisdom of Solomon
  18. He Reviews Jesus the son of Sirach
  19. He Reviews the Epistle to the Hebrews
  20. He Reviews Epistles of Barnabus, Clement, and Jude

Cassian wrote a history in chronological order

The works of Dionysus

  1. the Promise

The works of Hegesippus

  1. First book of the Commentaries 
  2. Second book of the Commentaries 
  3. Third book of the Commentaries 
  4. Fourth book of the Commentaries 
  5. Fifth book of the Commentaries 

The works of Heraclitus

  1. The commentaries of Heraclitus
  2. On the Apostle
  3. the works of Maximus
  4. The Origin of Evil
  5. On the Creation of Matter

The works of Justin the Martyr:

  1. Apology (mentioned in chapter 17)
  2. A Defense of our Faith
  3. A book against the Greeks 
  4. The nature of demons
  5. The Refutation (a work against the Gentiles)
  6. The sovereignty of God 
  7. Psaltes
  8. Remarks on the Soul
  9. A dialog against the Jews (at Ephasus with Tryphon)

The works of Justin Iranaeus

  1. the first book against heresies.
  2. Refutation and overthrow of false Doctrine (5 volumes)
  3. Against the Greeks
  4. A book of various disputes

The works of Melito
  1. On the Passover,
  2. On the Conduct of Life
  3. On the Prophets
  4. On the Church
  5. On the Lord's Day
  6. On the Nature of Man
  7. On His Formation (Man)
  8. On the Subjection of the Senses to Faith
  9. On the Soul, the Body, and the Mind
  10. Baptism
  11. Truth and Faith
  12. the Generation of Christ
  13. On Prophecy
  14. On Hospitality
  15. the Key
  16. On the Devil
  17. The Revelation of John
  18. On the Incarnate God
  19. the Discourse to Antonine


  1. Against the heresy of Marcion
  2. Against the Greeks
  3. Against the Jews
  4. Against the philosophers

The works of Philo (Get the rest of the list from Book 2 Chapter 18)

  1. the Allegories of the Divine Laws
  2. agriculture and drunkenness
  3. On the division of things, 
  4. the three virtues, 
  5. dreams are sent by God, 
  6. the confusion of tongues, 

The works of Papias (Book 3 Chapter 39)
5 Books

The works of Rhodo

  1. Commentary on Hexabemeron
  2. Against the heresy of Marcion

The works of Serapion

  1. The works of Serapion

The works of Sextus

  1. On the Resurrection
  2. Treatise of Arabianus

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