Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Plato's Dialogs

Author: Plato
Title: Meno
Plot: A dialog between Socrates and Meno about Virtue
Note: The discussion is whether virtue is taught, pracited or inherited through nature

Listen to "Meno by Plato [21 Mins] A Classic" on Spreaker.

Author: Plato
Title: Critias
Plot: One of Plato's dialogs involving the lost continent of Atlantis
Note: One of the opening statements in this dialog could be modernized as: "May God strike me down if I'm lying"

Listen to "Critias by Plato [17 Mins] a discourse on Atlantis" on Spreaker.

Author: Plato
Title: Apology
Plot: Socrates argues to save his life
Notes: Meletus the leader among poets is his primary accuser before the court of Athens

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