Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Best of the Book Matrix

Tom's Favorites  (Top 5 in no particular order)

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Night Wars
Plot: Christians can be engaged in Spiritual Warfare at night
Notes: We must also take control of our dreams!

Listen to "Night Wars [30 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: The Miracle in the Scarlet Car
Plot: Tom comes under God’s protection when he drives into oncoming traffic

Listen to "The Miracle in the Scarlet Car [16 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: The Leroy and Earl Show
Title: Sea 2 Sea
Plot: Dawn Jones rides her bike across America
Notes: This is episode is from a live show!

Listen to "Tom Goes on The Leroy & Earl Show! [45 mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: Eusebius
Title: Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History
Plot: Eusebius is known as the father of church history
Note: There is a hilarious illustration about 5 mins in

Listen to "Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History Part 9 [26 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: G. Edward Griffin
Title: The Creature from Jekyll Island
Plot: An expose on the men who crafted the Federal Reserve in order to aggregate wealth into the hands of the few

Listen to "The Creature from Jekyll Island [27 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Due to the complex nature of his book, I have included a link to his website to enable you to followup with him yourself -> Be advised, we are not affiliated in any way.

Author: Moses
Title: Genesis 1-3
Plot: The history of Adam and Eve and its implications on the nature of husband and wife relations particularly as soulmates
Note: I guarantee you've never heard it explained like this!

Listen to "The Bible on Soulmates [31 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: The Book Matrix Title: The Christmas Miracle
Plot: My quest for understanding and working miracles
Note: A collection of parables working together to conclusion

Listen to "The Christmas Miracle [17 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Podcasts (by popularity in descending order)

Author: Adi Shankara
Title: Baghavad Gita
Plot: 2-For-1, This is the Hari Krishna's primary religious text, but only one of many of the Hindu's. Krishna is viewed as the Supreme God and he is talking to Arjuna (a prince) about the moral question of whether it's okay to kill our friends and countrymen in civil war.
Note: For researcher types who want a deep study there are four parts. Part 4 is the most interesting summary. While Part 1 is also a good summary (though not as entertaining). 

Listen to "Baghavad Gita holy book of the Hindus - Part 1 [22 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: Lao Tzu
Title: Tao Te Ching
Plot: A 4-for-1. This holy book is the basis of Taoism. It's also a foundational study for Buddhism, Confusionism, Chinese legalism and even Chinese philosophy. 
Note: This is one of my most popular podcasts

Listen to "Tao Te Ching the holy book of Taoism and Buddhism by Lao Tzu - [44 mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: Eusebius
Title: Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History Part 5
Plot: Most Christians have heard Peter was crucified upside down, but do you know how you know? Because of Eusebius! The man who in 300 AD collected all the writings from the time of Christ to his day, organizing them, assessing their authenticity, and making a history. His work earned him the title, the father of church history!

Listen to "Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History Part 5 [28 Mins]" on Spreaker.

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Today Only! A Grateful Shout Out to My Listeners
Plot: My funny way of saying thanks!
Note: I bet you didn't know I spoke so many languages

Listen to "Today Only! A grateful shout out to my listeners" on Spreaker.

Author: Simon Sinek
Title: Start With Why
Plot: Simon explains why some companies thrive despite market conditions while others fail
Note: This is an excellent book and one of my most popular podcasts

Listen to "Start With Why by Simon Sinek [11 Mins]" on Spreaker.

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