Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Best Messages Ever

In some respects this page is as much for me as it is for you. 

Sometimes the best way to lift our spirits is to re-listen to the thing that lifted them the first time. So I tend to collect a list of uplifting messages to get me through the rough spots.

I should note that when a pastor falls (or so they say), I do not repent of having heard or liked their messages as if they are scum. We can learn from anyone, particularly those who made mistakes. A "fallen pastor" is an indication he was under attack and turned out to be human (like me). And since I like humans you might find a list of messages from sinners like me on this list. If that bothers you... I don't care.

This page is dedicated to those who have influenced me over the years. As I stumble across links to great/uplifting messages that truly stand out, I will include them here.

Joel Osteen's messages called:
Covered by Mercy. 
In the Middle of a Miracle

Though I can't directly link you to them, you can go to his website and search for it by name. 

Tony Robbins message called After This You'll Change How You Do Everything! - Tony Robbins

Animals are jerks

Note: the emptiness of this list is only because it's so new. 

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